Katja Schuurman and Freek van Noortwijk split up | Stars

Katja writes: “With an indescribable pain in our hearts, Freek and I had to decide not to go through life together as lovers. We’ve worked really hard to make our being together work as life partners, but we’re more different than we both long hoped for.”

She adds: “Yet we are more than grateful that our paths crossed. We have been through wonderful things together and we loved each other very much. The most beautiful of all was the birth of our enchanting, moving, humorous, smart, beautiful Coco Loulou, who otherwise would not have been born. As heartbreaking as it is right now, we’re sure we’ll make her, and ourselves, happier in the end.”

Katja says she is very sad that she is no longer together with both fathers of her children. She also asks to leave her and her children alone. “No photographers at school this time, please.”

“What I have to say, I have hereby shared. I don’t give interviews, quotes or anything. And if there are magazines, show programs, photographers eager to capture my tears; let me know via my management and I’ll send a selfie. In other words: we hope for your respect and distance, so that together we can make this something less painful and in the long run even something happy again,” says Katja.

Last summer Katja and Freek celebrated their two-year ‘marriage’ with photos. The actress has previously announced that they were not legally married. They have been in a relationship for about six years. Katja was previously married to actor Thijs Römer.

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