Keep a Regular Diet, Here Are Eight Foods That Can Make You Cheerful

Vegetable illustration. Happiness also gushes from food, so we must maintain a healthy diet so that the body is always protected from disease and viruses. (Pexels/Daria Shevtsova)

Happiness also gushes from food, so we must maintain a healthy diet so that the body is always protected from disease and viruses – Food affects health in the human body. Of course diet A healthy body will also keep our bodies protected from disease and viruses.

It is known that food has a big and important role for the health of the body, so that the arrangement of eating patterns and the right ingredients makes the body more energetic during the day.

With the right food ingredients too, when you go through the day your body feels lighter and the atmosphere feels more cheerful. So it is necessary to set the right diet.

“Food has an important role in balancing various kinds of feelings. There are feelings of pleasure, sadness, anger, depression, and fear that can be influenced by food. Therefore, we researchers have studied various food ingredients and their nutrients so that they can be connected with body health, ” said a dietitian from the Jaslok Jyoti Bhatt Hospital and Research Center as reported by the Indian Express, Sunday (19/9/2021).

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Jyoti also shared eight types of food that can provide good benefits not only from nutrition but also to increase your joy during activities. Here are eight types of food:

Dark chocolate

Chocolate illustration. (Pixabay/Say-Cheese)

Instead of consuming chocolate containing milk, you are more advised to eat dark chocolate that still contains pure cocoa.

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Cocoa contains tryptophan, a substance that is often used by the brain to produce the hormone serotonin, which is a key hormone for keeping your mood stable.

By having the maximum serotonin hormone, of course you can live the day more comfortably and cheerfully.

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Green tea

Green Tea (freepik)
Green Tea (freepik)

Green tea in addition to having the benefit of reducing inflammatory reactions in the body and can also help the process of losing weight turns out to also function to help maximize brain function.

The antioxidants in it function to continue to help the cells in the brain carry out their functions optimally when consumed.


Paprika.  (Shutterstock)
Paprika. (Shutterstock)

Contains many important vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin B6, apparently both are vitamins that are very important for the development of new cells and also improve brain performance.

By consuming paprika, your body will also be helped to naturally produce serotonin and norepineferin hormones and of course, your mood will be better.

Beromega food 3

Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids (Shutterstock)
Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids (Shutterstock)

Foods rich in omega 3 in addition to controlling heart disease, aiding weight loss, also have antioxidant benefits.

These foods also help lower depression levels and also improve a person’s mental condition and behavior.

There are many foods that contain omega 3 besides chicken eggs, including salmon, chia seeds, and flax seeds.

Makanan berfermentasi

Natto, fermented soybeans (Pixabay/whui1818)
Natto, fermented soybeans (Pixabay/whui1818)

On average, fermented foods contain probiotics that are good for the body’s digestion.

When your body’s digestive system is smooth, of course your days are pleasant.

There are many foods that are processed and contain these benefits such as kimchi, yogurt, tempeh, miso, to pickles which, if combined and matched properly, will have a maximum positive effect on the body.

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Illustration of Red Beans (freepik)
Illustration of Red Beans (freepik)

Nuts in addition to having many vitamins, are also equipped with many minerals and magnesium.

In addition, it is also equipped with antioxidants which can turn out to be a healthy snack when you are confused about looking for a snack.

When a person is deficient in magnesium there seems to be a greater potential for depression so nuts can be a solution when you need to fill your snack time.

Green vegetables

Illustrations of vegetables and fruits.  (Unsplash/engine akyurt)
Illustrations of vegetables and fruits. (Unsplash/engine akyurt)

In addition to having many benefits of fiber, green vegetables such as spinach, pakcoy, kale can apparently help the body get B vitamins and also folate content that can help the body’s metabolism more optimally.

There are many hormones that are boosted when you eat green vegetables, ranging from serotonin, dopamine, to noradrenaline, which of course can improve mood and a happier mind.


Coffee illustration.  (Pixabay)
Coffee illustration. (Pixabay)

As you know, caffeine has many benefits, especially helping the body release the hormone dopamine which gives happiness.

But when consuming caffeine you need to be careful because caffeine also functions in other body functions such as the stomach or sleep patterns.

When you need caffeine, it’s better to look for a low content and can still be tolerated by the body such as drinking tea instead of drinking coffee. [ANTARA]


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