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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

“The Crown” Emmy Award winner “Queen of England” Olifia presents her dead father after being named“Abandoned Soldiers on the Back Wing” after the best mini album Qi Winsley re-released[Out of the box]Jane Shimafeng’s comedy mourns her deceased husband “Professional Gunner” generations of disputes over the generations are vainKimura Takuya’s handwritten inscription cheers for GuangxiLin Qiandu’s first appearance after marriage is blessedHan Shaoxi’s “In My Name” Transformed into Beating GirlsThe ultimate list exposed Jiang Tao and Liu Yingting’s participation in the MIRROR Six Sons Concert, which reached 23,000 taelsPeople and Moon Reunion Nicholas Tse Faye Wong on the same stage this centuryMessage to old love Wei Junjie and Teng Li name: face the low tide happilyLi Xing, Ni Zan, Jacky Cheung’s charm is unstoppable, Jiang Haijia wants to sing with Lin Yilian mostBig-bellied Liang Nuoyan wants to do it, so she can play it to the sea. Yu Xiaotong opens her heart to meet the opposite sex and welcomes a new love affairPeng Jiali is obsessed with making Vlog and wants to learn to cut the filmSong Wanying loves to collect colorful dishes and Shao Chu loves antique earringsDeng Jianhong’s new drama Shi Yongli is the first daughter of a family priceOrange Hair Wang Wanzhi’s Nine Exhibition of Singing Skills

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