Kupang City Government Urges People to Maintain Environmental and Health Cleanliness

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POS-KUPANG.COM, KUPANG — Seven villages in Kupang City are endemic cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). The Kupang City Government (Kupang City Government) also continues to urge the public to maintain a clean environment and health.

This was conveyed by the Head of the Kupang City Health Office, drg. Retnowati, M.Kes through the Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Tiurmasari E. Saragih, S.Km, M.Sc, Tuesday 23 November 2021.

According to Tiurmasari, in Kupang City there are seven sub-districts with dengue cases.

The seven villages are Kelapa Lima, Oebobo, Liliba, Fatululi, Oesapa, Oebufu and Tuak Daun Merah Villages.

He explained, although his office said that there were seven kelurahan in Kupang City that were endemic for DHF, it did not mean that other kelurahan were not monitored.

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“Our hope is that these seven sub-districts can reduce cases so that they are not in an endemic status of DHF. There are indeed special criteria, so we urge the people living in these seven kelurahan to continue to be vigilant and increase efforts to prevent DHF,” said Tiurmasari.

Asked about the number of dengue cases in Kupang City, Tiurmasari said that until the 44th week of 2021, the total number of dengue cases was 558 cases with four deaths.

It is said that water reservoirs must be clean, and if necessary, use abate if it cannot be protected and abate is always available in health services, especially in puskesmas.

Furthermore, he said, his party is currently conducting a situation analysis on disease prevention. Diseases are increasing due to climate change.

“Diseases that can cause outbreaks and what we are aware of at this time are diarrhea and dengue. Indeed, there is still a Covid-19 pandemic, so we also continue to monitor. Improve environmental hygiene, maintain health and stamina,” he said.

It is said, puddles of water can trigger so it is necessary to maintain water reservoirs.

“Deplete water reservoirs or containers that store water so they don’t become nesting places for mosquitoes. If we can take care together, we can control DHF. Right now we have to improve and maintain environmental cleanliness and also maintain health. At this time we have experienced changes climate from the dry season to the rainy season,” he said.

It is said, the mosquito cycle must be broken before becoming an adult so that it can avoid mosquito bites. If it is necessary to carry out more control such as abatement, then fogging must be carried out.

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