Latest Updates on WhatsApp Application Features that Users Rarely Know

Of the various topics that often appear in the news to Central Kalimantan, it’s incomplete if you don’t present news about technology. The latest technology news that has recently become a hot topic of discussion among the public. Yes, this is about the latest features presented by the messaging application / application chatting WhatsApp (WA) which is now widely used by the community.

With this WA, users will find it easier to communicate with each other remotely via text messages, voice or calls video call. Even though it is considered the most dominant instant application in the country, not a few users apparently don’t know about the latest features. Many new features are presented in the application with the phone logo.

Understanding WhatsApp

Known as app chatting the most popular, making WhatsApp now more and more widely used among the public. This is reasonable considering WhatsApp (WA) itself is a free cross-platform instant messaging application that utilizes Voice over IP (VoIP) technology owned by Facebook, Inc.

The existence of this technology makes it easy for users to send text and voice messages to each other, make voice and video calls, share pictures / photos, video, documents and so on. Interestingly, this WA application can also be used on various mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and more.

In addition, this WA can also be used on desktop devices through the website browser web provided that the mobile device and computer must be connected to each other with an internet network connection. In its development, WhatsApp also comes with another version, namely WhatsApp Business, which makes it easier for business people to communicate with their clients.

Various benefits of using WhatsApp

As has been published in the latest news about WhatsApp, this application is generally not only useful as a communication tool for its users. However, WA has now developed into one of the media supporting education, business to entertainment media. The various benefits of using WhatsApp for users include the following.

  • As a medium of personal and group communication

The presence of the WhatsApp application allows users to send text messages, photos, audio, video, documents and make audio and video calls with other users. In fact, users can also communicate with each other in a group with a predetermined number of members.

  • Supporting the smooth running of education and learning

With the convenience offered by WhatsApp, this application can be used as an effective and efficient medium of education and learning to use. For example, by utilizing WhatsApp, users can use the application as a place to learn and share information during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Ease of doing business

Another benefit provided by WhatsApp is that it can make it easier to carry out promotions, provide information to place orders for certain products / services. In this case, WhatsApp used by business people usually uses the WhatsApp Business version to make it easier to exchange messages with customers / consumers.

  • As a medium for sharing information and entertainment

With the support features in it, WhatsApp will accelerate the spread of information from one user to another, even groups. In addition, users can also use stories to share exciting things as a medium of entertainment.

What are the advantages WhatsApp has to offer to users?

Before knowing more about Sampit Central Kalimantan news about WhatsApp features, it’s good for users to know in advance about the various advantages that WhatsApp offers to make long-distance communication easier.

  • Automatically sync contacts on your phone

One of the main advantages of WhatsApp is that it can automatically sync contacts installed on the user’s mobile device. So, users don’t need to waste time connecting numbers with the WhatsApp application.

  • Provide ease of use

As reviewed in the latest news. That WhatsApp is generally present as a messaging application that provides convenience for its users. This can be seen in terms of its use which is indeed easy and does not have to do a complicated registration process. Because, users only need to enter an active number which will be used as a WA number.

  • Easy to customize

Another advantage offered by using WA is that it makes it easier for users to customize. So, users will find it easier to make various settings according to their needs and desires. As well as setting the display profile, username, background chat, blocking numbers and others.

  • The presence of a message backup feature / back up chat

If users don’t want to lose someone’s message history, then they can backup or backupback up messages from whoever he wants. That way, the message will never be lost while WhatsApp users carry out the process back up chat.

  • There are service features stories

Almost the same as the features offered on various other social media, WA now also comes with features stories that can be used by users. In this case, users can share moments or write statuses in the form of writing or displaying videos. The story can be seen by the people he wants.

The latest features on WhatsApp

After reviewing the meaning, benefits and advantages of WhatsApp, now Central Kalimantan news will also discuss more about the various features offered by the application chatting this one is popular. The latest features in WhatsApp include the following.

Not many people know that now WA comes with the latest display features that are very interesting and nice to look at. So, do not be surprised if the users claim to be interested in using the application.

  • The feature of sending images that can only be seen once / view once

Just like in Instagram, the Whatsapp application also provides a feature that can send messages in one view / view once. In this case, the image or video that was sent and has been viewed by the recipient will be automatically deleted immediately.

  • Mute notification feature / mute notifications

If the user feels disturbed by the noise of the chat group on Whatsapp, then they can use the latest feature that is presented, namely the mute notification / notification feature. mute notifications indefinitely or forever.

Central Kalimantan also informed that WhatsApp also comes with a message archive feature if the user feels list chat untidy. By using this feature, the desired message will remain in the message archive even though the latest incoming message appears.

If previously the pin feature was in alphabetical order, then for this latest feature, users can sort it pine cat at will.

That’s the news for Central Kalimantan about the latest features of the application chatting WhatsApp that can be used by its users.

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