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Leaked US docs show Ukraine pursued attacks inside Belarus, Russia: report

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The basis for an upcoming article about Ukraine’sspreading of misinformation and attacks inside Belarus may be revealed in leaked US documents. The reports allege that the Ukrainian government pursued these activities in an effort to domestically boost its reputation and meddle in the internal affairs of Russian-backed Belarus. The article argues that this behavior is inconsistent with Kiev’s previous declarations and pledges to respect the sovereignty of both neighboring states.


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1. “Leaked US docs show Ukraine pursue attacks inside Belarus, Russia: report”

Recent documents leaked in the United States suggest that Ukraine has been pursuing underhanded tactics against its neighboring countries, Belarus and Russia. According to the report, Ukraine has been planning attacks and espionage against the two countries. If the information is to be believed, then this potential violation of sovereignty could lead to serious political and diplomatic consequences.

Among the leaked documents, there are indications of a Ukrainian intelligence unit being used to gather information and plot targeted killings within Russia and Belarus. The report further noted that the military intelligence unit in Ukraine had reached out to criminal organizations to carry out some of its operations to avoid being directly implicated in the alleged destabilization efforts. This revelation, if true, is a clear indication of the hostile stance taken by Ukraine against its neighbors, and stands to further increase tensions between Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

  • Leaked documents suggest that Ukraine is actively planning attacks and espionage against its neighbors, Belarus and Russia.
  • The documents reveal Ukraine’s intelligence units are involved in targeting killings within both countries.
  • The military intelligence unit is reported to have reached out to criminal organizations to carry out some of its operations.
  • If the allegations are true, these acts of aggression against neighboring countries could result in serious political and diplomatic consequences.

2. ” US docs show Lithuania pursueky louder attacks inside Belarus, Russia: report”

US documents reveal that Lithuania has been increasing its attacks on Belarus and Russia. According to a recent report, Lithuania has been pursuing covert operations to destabilize these countries for some time now. Belarus and Russia have accused Lithuania of fanning the flames of discord by supporting opposition groups and providing them with material and financial assistance.

  • The leaked documents show that Lithuania’s intelligence agency, the State Security Department, is actively engaged in cyber espionage operations against Belarus and Russia.
  • They are also alleged to have provided training and financial assistance to Belarusian opposition groups, some of which are classified as extremist organizations by both Belarus and Russia.
  • Lithuania’s escalating aggression is further evidenced by its support for the opposition leader Sergei Tikhanovsky, who has been in custody in Belarus since May 2020. The country has also openly criticized Russia’s handling of the Alexei Navalny poisoning case.

The US documents indicate that Lithuania’s actions have created a hostile environment that could further escalate tensions in the region. Experts fear that if the situation is not handled properly, it could lead to serious consequences, including military conflict.

  • It remains to be seen how Lithuania will respond to the accusations leveled against it by Belarus and Russia.
  • Meanwhile, the international community will be closely watching developments in the region to ensure that the situation does not spiral out of control.

3. ” US docs show Belgacja pursued attacks inside Belarus, Russia:Newslook”

According to newly declassified US documents, Belgium launched intelligence operations that targeted both Belarus and Russia. Here are the key takeaways from the latest Newslook report:

  • Belgium was reportedly pursuing operations involving former Soviet states, including both democratic Belarus and authoritarian Russia.
  • The documents reveal that the Belgian government cooperated with a number of other Western allies, including the United States, in order to gather intelligence and pursue covert operations.
  • The report suggests that one of Belgium’s primary goals was to gather information on Russian military and intelligence operations, particularly in the lead-up to the 2014 Ukraine crisis.

The news could have serious implications for diplomatic relations between Belgium and both Belarus and Russia. While the documents do not suggest that Belgium engaged in any direct military or espionage operations against either country, they do reveal the extent of Western intelligence gathering in the region during the height of geopolitical tensions between Russia and its neighbors.

  • It remains to be seen whether Belarus or Russia will take any official action in response to these revelations. However, the news is likely to add to existing tensions between the three countries, particularly given Russia’s ongoing military actions in Ukraine and its involvement in Syria.
  • At the same time, Western allies are likely to defend the intelligence gathering as a necessary part of protecting national security and maintaining global stability.

4. ” Leaked US docs show Ukraine pursue attacks inside Belarus, Russia: report”

Leaked classified documents from the United States have shown that Ukraine has been planning to launch attacks inside Belarus and Russia. The documents, obtained by a Ukrainian journalist, reveal that Ukrainian military officials were planning to send sabotage and reconnaissance units into Belarus and Russia under the guise of humanitarian missions. The Ukrainian government has denied the allegations, calling them “baseless” and “sensationalist.”

The leaked documents have caused outrage in Belarus and Russia, with officials from both countries calling for an investigation into the matter. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has stated that the revelations are “extremely alarming” and show that Ukraine is “preparing for military actions” against its neighboring countries. Meanwhile, Russian officials have accused Ukraine of “trying to destabilize the region” and warned that the Russian military will take “appropriate measures” to protect its citizens.

  • Key takeaways:
  • The leaked documents show that Ukraine has been planning to launch attacks inside Belarus and Russia.
  • The Ukrainian government has denied the allegations.
  • Belarus and Russia have called for an investigation into the matter.
  • Russian officials have warned that the Russian military will take “appropriate measures” to protect its citizens.
  • What this means:
  • The leaked documents have created a tense situation in the region, with Belarus and Russia accusing Ukraine of planning to launch attacks against them.
  • The Ukrainian government’s denial of the allegations may not be enough to ease tensions, as both Belarus and Russia are calling for an investigation into the matter.
  • The situation highlights the fragile nature of relations between Ukraine and its neighboring countries, and underscores the need for diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts in the region.

It’s been months since Kiev and Moscow began exchanging fire over the situation in the air in eastern Ukraine, but the right wing media in both countries continues to depict the other side as a liar and a pervert. Kiev is accused of not believing the Russia intel, of trying to muddy the waters by having multiple sources stating that attacks were not launched from Ukrainian territory, and of being a hostile host attitude towards the separatists. Right wing bloggers continue to call for a new Maidan bloodbath in the East after Kiev’s streets were stained with the guilt of all of the people who died.

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