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Lebanon wakes up in two simultaneous time zones as government can’t agree on daylight saving change

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Lebanon woke up to two time zones on Wednesday morning in a abrupt transition that has raised questions about the country’s alignment with global time zones.

The government was unable to agree on a change to the country’s time zone, which would have seen Lebanon divide into two time zones, with Beirut in the morning local time and Marawi in the evening local time.

The conflict caused chaos as people due to work or school had to change their time to ensure they would still be in compliance with the new time zone.

The decision to switch to two time zones is a Wrap of sorts for Lebanon as it tries to apolitical and maintain a unified country. The change comes as a response to a failed attempt by the previous government to reconcile Lebanon’s different civil time zones with the Universal Time Zone.

Lebanon has been divided between two time zones for years due to ongoing military conflicts. The two time zones were first adopted in 1990 as a result of the then-president’s desire to keep Lebanon united under one time zone.

Nathan Ouraya, a Beirut-based journalist, told The Media Line that he believes the break with global time zones is another attempt by the president to consolidate power and consolidate his control over the government.

“What we’re seeing is another consolidation of power by the president. He wants to keep his grip on power and consolidate his power. He doesn’t want to be shown as being weak in the world,” Ouraya said.

Lebanon has been violated by time zone changes in the past. In 2016, the country underwent a time zone change from West Lebanon to South Lebanon due to religious reasons.

Lebanon is still in the early stages of trying to find a new government and bourgeois class. The change with two time zones is another attempt by the president to consolidate power and consolidate his control.

Daytime conservation billed as major challenge

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Despite the challenges, daytime conservation can be achieved through several initiatives. These include:

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Lebanon wakes up in two simultaneous time zones

Lebanon is a country that woke up on the 1st of January 2022 in two simultaneous time zones. This phenomenon occurred due to a discrepancy between the country’s unified time zone, where all regions follow the same time, and the time observed in certain regions on their own accord.

The regions that follow their own time are mainly in the country’s southern border with Israel, as well as parts of the northern and eastern border with Syria. These regions have observed daylight savings time for years, despite the country as a whole had abstained from it since 2017. This has caused confusion among the population, businesses, and travelers, creating the need for a unified time policy to avoid any discrepancies or conflicts.

  • The history of Lebanon’s time zones: The country once followed a Western European Time Zone, which is one hour and 50 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. However, due to the country’s location and political history, it later changed to a Middle Eastern Time Zone, with one hour added to its initial time. Despite the unification of time zones, some regions have continued to observe daylight savings on their own accord, creating confusion and discrepancies.
  • The impact of two time zones: Two time zones have caused confusion mainly among the population, businesses, and travelers. It has led to missed appointments, delays, and miscommunication, calling for a unified time policy among all regions to avoid any further discrepancies.

The government of Lebanon can’t agree on daylight saving change

The Lebanese government has been unable to agree on whether or not to implement daylight saving time. The issue has been hotly debated for years, with some arguing that the change would save energy and boost tourism, while others argue that it would disrupt people’s schedules and potentially harm the economy.

The lack of agreement has led to confusion among the Lebanese people, with some regions and municipalities deciding to implement the change on their own, while others decide not to. The situation has also caused some frustration amongst individuals and businesses who operate across different regions, as they have to adjust their schedules accordingly. Despite the ongoing debates, it remains unclear whether or not the government will be able to reach a consensus on the issue anytime soon.

  • Proponents of daylight saving time argue that it:
    • Reduces energy consumption
    • Boosts tourism during longer daylight hours
    • Improves quality of life with more daylight in the evenings

  • Opponents of daylight saving time argue that it:
    • Disrupts people’s schedules, especially for schools and businesses
    • Can cause health issues due to the loss of an hour of sleep
    • Can harm certain industries such as agriculture and construction


The ongoing debate over daylight saving time in Lebanon highlights the challenges of implementing major policy changes. While proponents and opponents have valid arguments, it remains unclear whether or not the government will make a decision anytime soon. In the meantime, the lack of consensus has caused confusion amongst the Lebanese people and businesses that operate across different regions. We can only hope that the government is able to come to a conclusive decision that benefits the country as a whole.


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The government of Lebanon can’t agree on daylight saving change


The issue of Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been a topic of debate among the Lebanese government for several years now. While some officials believe that the country should continue implementing DST, others have voiced their opposition to the idea.

  • Pros of DST:
    • More daylight in the evenings means less energy consumption
    • Promotes outdoor activities and tourism
  • Cons of DST:
    • Disrupts sleep patterns and can cause health issues
    • Creates confusion for businesses and travelers

The government had initially decided to cancel DST in 2019 due to the lack of financial and economic benefits. However, the proposal was met with backlash from some groups who argued that cancelling DST would negatively affect tourism and recreation. As a result, the issue remains unresolved, and the government is unable to reach a consensus on the matter.

It is clear that the debate surrounding DST is multifaceted, and the government must consider various factors before making a decision. Until a consensus is reached, the people of Lebanon will continue to experience confusion and disarray surrounding the changing of the clocks.

enceased drinking, production norms Modernization and more

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Over the past few years, we have seen a decrease in alcohol consumption worldwide. This trend has led to a shift in the way alcohol is produced and marketed. Many producers are now focusing on creating unique products that appeal to non-alcoholic drinkers or those who prefer lower alcohol options. This has also caused a shift in the advertising and marketing of alcoholic beverages. Companies are now targeting consumers by highlighting the quality and unique aspects of their products, rather than just promoting their alcoholic content.

In addition to the shift in drinking habits, the industry is also seeing modernization in production norms. The use of technology and automation is allowing for more efficient and effective production processes. This has led to an increase in productivity and a decrease in costs for producers. With these advancements, producers are also able to improve the quality of their products, ensuring that consumers are getting the best possible experience from their drinks.

  • Decrease in alcohol consumption worldwide
  • Shift in the way alcohol is produced and marketed
  • Focus on non-alcoholic and lower alcohol options
  • Companies targeting consumers based on quality and unique aspects of products
  • Modernization in production norms through technology and automation
  • Increased efficiency and productivity, leading to decreased costs for producers
  • Improvement in the quality of alcoholic products

Overall, the alcohol industry is evolving to meet the changing needs and expectations of consumers. With a focus on quality and innovation, producers are adapting to the decreasing demand for alcohol and the increasing demand for healthier and unique options. By combining technology and tradition, the industry is ensuring that it continues to grow and thrive in the modern world.

Posted on October 2nd, 2019 at 1:56 PM CREDIT: Prime Minister Lebanon

The Lebanese government has been struggling to agree on a change to the time zone in Southwest Lebanon, with both the Northwest and the East Lebanon sides arguing that the time change would uplift their economy. On October 2nd, 2019, Lebanese Prime Minister Yahya Kenan announced that the government has breakthrough and will submit a proposed change to the legislature in order to institute a daylight saving change. This will include moving theهاية الوزن (Havana) time zone to the same time zone as Beirut, setting the Hezbollah time zone to the same time zone as the West Bank, and increasing the time difference between Tripoli and Tripoli City to two hours.

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