Lee Jung-hyun sang the national anthem but got protests from viewers

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The 29-year-old musical actor Jung Young-joo reveals the nickname given to him by actor Jo Jung-suk. After the drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’, Lee Jung-hyeon, a ‘professional villain’, sang the national anthem at the Liberation Day event and felt proud, but attention is focused on what’s going on as there were numerous protests from viewers.

MBC’s variety show ‘Radio Star’, which will be aired on the 19th, will feature a special feature on ‘We World Style’ with Jung Young-joo, Lee Jung-hyun, Jonathan, and Gabi.

Jung Young-joo is a star in the musical world who has risen to the top of the stage with her explosive singing ability and charisma, and has risen as an actor who can be seen and trusted by the audience. Jung Young-joo is active in various fields, including not only musicals, but also movies, dramas, and animation dubbing, establishing a unique position.

Jung Young-joo appeared on ‘Ras’ three years ago and expressed her romance, saying, “I want to shoot an action movie like my role model Ma Dong-seok.” Jung Young-joo said that she was finally filming an action movie this year, and revealed her recent status as a ‘woman Ma Dong-seok’ with her special move ‘cheap action’. In particular, it is expected that he will perform an impromptu demonstration on the spot.

Jung Young-joo boasts a ‘world-class’ voice, saying, “I’ve been dubbing only Disney works for 29 years.” In particular, Jung Young-joo said that he recently participated in the dubbing of ‘En Canto’ and is expected to present a medley of songs to summon children as a gift. In addition, Jung Young-joo tells about the moment of the greatest crisis of his life, when he almost lost his voice due to a rupture of the vocal cords, saying, “There was only the sound of wind coming out of my throat.”

Jung Young-joo draws attention because it is said that Jo Jung-seok, a close junior, gave him a special nickname. When Jung Young-joo revealed the nickname and meaning that could not be inferred, saying, “Jo Jung-seok calls me ‘this’,” the 4MC’s reaction to the perfect name exploded, raising curiosity.

Lee Jung-hyun confesses to the aftereffects of playing the role of ‘Tsuda’, a vicious Japanese who torments Koreans in ‘Mr. Sunshine’. After filming ‘Mr. Sunshine’, Lee Jung-hyun was lucky to have been invited to the Liberation Day event as a singer of the national anthem, but at the time, it was said that there were a lot of protests from viewers, which stimulates curiosity about what’s going on.

Lee Jung-hyun said, unlike her appearance in the works, she is usually shy and shy, and director Lee Eung-bok of ‘Mr. Next time, I will give you a cute role.” Then, the actual director Eung-bok Lee sent a love call in the next work, but he is expected to give a bomb of laughter by expressing his heartbreak by saying, “He gave me this role and said he was sorry.”

In addition, Lee Jung-hyun will boast of the charm of an all-time reversal character and rob the attention. While he reveals his history of reversal by saying that he is “from a judo athlete,” he robs the attention of people with 20 anti-war abilities only with his qualifications. Here, he said, “I worked with the CF art team and the directing team,” and said that he had a surprising past.

‘Radio Star’ can be checked through ‘Radio Star’, which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 19th.

By Tae Yuna, staff reporter for Tenasia youyou@tenasia.co.kr

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