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Lightroom adds AI denoise to make old photos look like new

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Lightroom has long been known for its ability to do a lion’s share of color adjustments, but a new feature called AI denoise can help make old photos look like new. This feature is still relatively functionless, but it has the potential to dramatically improve the overall look of a photograph.

What is AI denoise?

AI denoise is a new feature in Lightroom that introduces a new way to adjust the color of photos. The feature can reduce rainbow noise in images, which can make them lookameliorated and more realistic. The goal is to produce shots that are more in line with the way the real world looks.

How does AI denoise work?

When you first activate AI denoise in Lightroom, it creates a dedicated denoising preset. This defaults to a grainy look, but you can use other setting to optimizing the results.

One of the main benefits to using AI denoise is that it can speed up the process of denoising photos. This can make them look smoother and less jagged. If you have a lot of photos that might need to be denoised, this can be a big advantage.

What are the downsides of using AI denoise?

There are a few downsides that can occur when using AI denoise. The first is that it can produce a slightly more unrealistic look. This is because it doesn’t use the same algorithms that are used to create the realistic results in photos.

Another downside is that it can take a bit longer to denoise photos. This can be an issue if you have a lot of photos to work with.

How should I use AI denoise?

It’s important to use AI denoise in a way that achieves the best results. This means that you need to make sure that you’re denoising the photos in a way that produces the realistic results.

If you don’t have access to a dedicateddenoise setting, then you can try using a lower value for the denoising strength. This should still produce a good result, but will be a little less realistic.

If you’re using AI denoise on photos that are still subject to other noise-related problems such as rainbow noise, then you should gradient the photo using similar light and dark tonal values. This will help to make the image look more realistic.

1. New features in Lightroom give users the ability to denoise old photos to make them look like new

Lightroom, the photo editing software from Adobe, has introduced new features that allow users to denoise old photos and give them a new lease of life. This is particularly useful for those who have old family photos that are either blurry or grainy, and would like to restore them to their original quality.

The new denoise feature in Lightroom works by analyzing the image and identifying areas that need to be smoothed out. It then applies a noise-reduction algorithm to those areas, resulting in a cleaner and sharper image. Users can adjust the level of denoise to suit their preference, and can apply the effect to photos individually or in batches. This feature is especially helpful for those who want to digitize their old photo albums or create scrapbooks to preserve their family memories.

  • Key features of the new denoise feature in Lightroom:
    • Ability to analyze and target noisy or blurry areas in photos
    • Noise-reduction algorithm that smooths out those areas
    • Adjustable level of denoise to suit user’s preference
    • Option to apply effect to individual photos or in batches

In addition to the denoise feature, Lightroom has also added other tools to help users enhance their photos. These include color grading, which allows users to adjust the overall color and tone of their photos, and super resolution, which uses machine learning to improve the detail and sharpness of images. With these powerful new features, Lightroom is making it easier for users to transform their old photos into works of art.

  • Other new features in Lightroom:
    • Color grading to adjust overall color and tone
    • Super-resolution using machine learning to improve detail and sharpness
    • Enhanced performance and improved workflow

2. Denoise can make period photos look more like contemporary shots and make old digital photos look like new digital files

Do you have old photos lying around that were taken back in the day? Do you wish you could make them look like they were taken today? Look no further because Denoise is here to save the day. Using advanced algorithms, Denoise can reduce noise in your old photos and give them a contemporary look. Say goodbye to grainy, blurry, and noisy photos that make your eyes hurt and say hello to stunning and polished images that will blow your mind away.

  • Eliminate noise and graininess
  • Retain sharpness and detail
  • Enhance color and contrast

But wait, there’s more! Denoise isn’t just for period photos; it can also make old digital photos look brand new again. Did you take photos with an old camera that had limited megapixels, causing your images to look dull and lifeless? Denoise to the rescue! Our AI-powered software can revive your old digital files and transform them into sharp and vibrant photos that are practically indistinguishable from new digital pictures. So don’t let your outdated equipment hold you back from capturing cherished memories. Denoise can make them look timeless and beautiful.

  • Restore faded colors and tones
  • Reduce digital artifacts and noise
  • Upgrade resolution and quality

3. Denoise is a useful tool for improving the appearance of images, whether they are for personal use or for rendering commercial photos. It can provide a minor up-date to photos that have been stored for years


Denoise is a powerful tool that can help you get rid of unwanted noise within your images. Whether you’re trying to create the perfect photo for your social media page or a professional photo for a client, denoising can be incredibly helpful. Here are some of the benefits of using denoise:

  • Clearer images: Removing the noise from the image can help make it look sharper and more detailed, which can help bring out key elements in your photos.
  • Better quality: Denoising can help improve the overall quality of the image, making it more attractive to viewers.
  • Less editing required: Once you’ve used denoise, you can often get away with doing less editing, as the image has already been improved.

Overall, denoising is a great tool to have at your disposal, whether you’re working on personal or commercial projects. Take some time to experiment with it on your own images and see how it can benefit your work.

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