Lipnica Wielka. The funeral of Mateusz, who was beaten at Krupówki in Zakopane

– We called him “boy” because he was younger. A very nice boy first and foremost. His wife was now alone, one of the mourners, a friend of the late Mateusz, told Tygodnik Podhalański. The man was unable to hold back his tears.

Not only he was crying, but the whole Lipnica (Nowy Targ district). On Saturday, Mateusz, who died after being beaten in Krupówki in Zakopane, was said goodbye. The coffin with the body of a 25-year-old, covered with white flowers, was laid to rest in the grave. It is hard for family, friends and residents of the town in Nowy Targ to believe what happened.

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Mateusz’s funeral. Mourners about the deceased 25-year-old

– He was killed, it was not an accident, it was killed. And the world is as it is now, you go on vacation, and you don’t come back. Too bad, a young boy, a little daughter, a pregnant wife. A tragedy – admitted one of the interviewees of Tygodnik Podhalański.

Two words appear in the statements of the mourners: “good” and “helpful”. Such was the late Mateusz. – A very nice, nice boy. I am very helpful. If we needed something, it always did [pomagał – przyp. red.]he never refused us. We are shocked – a Lipnica resident told the local service.

– Very good, obliging. It is a pity that he died at such a young age. The worst thing is – beyond my comprehension – that someone could hurt another person so much – another mourner explained to Tygodnik Podhalański. – There should definitely be a punishment. I wonder if the death penalty should not be reintroduced. As a Catholic, I shouldn’t consider such things, but in such situations as it happens. A man walking down the road … for what? For what, in principle? The man asked.

The 25-year-old, beaten in Krupówki, is dead. He left a pregnant wife and a 3-year-old daughter

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The moving words of the deceased’s wife

A journalist from Tygodnik Podhalański managed to talk to the wife of the deceased Mateusz, Anna. When asked how she was doing, she replied: It’s hard to say how I feel. My stomach ached terribly at the end, luckily it passed. I hope nothing will happen to the little one because of these nerves.

The young widow admitted that she was left alone with the whole house, there were debts to be paid. Mrs. Anna did not hide her emotion at the words about the disinterested gesture of people who wanted to support her through a fundraiser. Although the woman is very grateful for this form of help and is shocked by its scale, she sadly confessed that “no money can replace my husband”.

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The tragedy in Krupówki

Mrs. Anna said that her beloved husband “was at the wrong time and place”. That unlucky evening, the 25-year-old was playing with his friends at a bachelor party in Krupówki. It was there that the brawl took place, during which Mateusz was injured. The young man was about to hit his head on the curb and black out. The attackers fled.

The 25-year-old went to the intensive care unit, but the doctors failed to save him. He died after a few days. Mateusz’s family, in the face of the tragedy, made a beautiful gesture. The man’s organs were transplanted. – Someone will be able to live on thanks to him – said a friend of the deceased.

Mateusz orphaned a 3-year-old daughter and left his wife pregnant. The man worked as a truck driver. – He wanted to change his profession and he wanted to join the army. This week he would be starting the service, one of the mourners said.

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