“Little Wolf Lebin 2” will be broadcast exclusively on Youku Kids on January 22_Children_Children_Liu Wei

Original title: “Little Wolf Lebin 2” will be broadcast exclusively on Youku Kids on January 22

Beijing News (Reporter Liu Wei) “Little Wolf Lebin 2”, jointly produced by Youku Kids and Oscar-nominated studio France’s Xilam Animation, will be exclusively broadcast on Youku Kids on January 22 this winter holiday. “Little Wolf Lebin 2” not only has richer scenes and the integration of more Chinese elements, but also adopts the most advanced animation production technology. in the adventure story. It is reported that in addition to the Chinese version, the first and second seasons of “Little Wolf Lebin” have French and English original sound versions.

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Each fairy tale adventure of Little Wolf Lebin is of great educational significance. It teaches children how to face setbacks, resolve difficulties, and learn lessons from their failures, so as to face their future more bravely, while entertaining and entertaining. Let children cultivate self-confidence. “Little Wolf Robin 2” will continue the first season. Through the new and upgraded content, it will inspire children’s multicultural cognition, develop children’s thinking ability, and enlighten their minds. Sun Yuanchang Amanda, the producer of “Little Wolf Lebin”, who is responsible for international copyright & IP investment of Alibaba Entertainment Youku Children, said that “Little Wolf Lebin” can help improve children’s emotional intelligence management, breaking the “black and white” concept. The traditional concept of ” breaks the educational framework of a single answer and a single answer, and presents a more complete overall value, thereby inspiring children to explore the causes and reasons behind things independently, increasing their thinking ability, and allowing children to follow their inner kindness , to find the best solution to the difficulty.

Children are often afraid of trying new things when they are growing up. “Little Wolf Robin” encourages children to be not afraid of difficulties and have the courage to try and challenge through the image setting of the love of adventure and the introduction of characters. In the second season, the little wolf is still the little warrior who is a little confused, a little careless, but smart and brave. The work hopes to convey the value of “every child can be his own hero” to the audience.

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