LIVE – Europa League Conference: Follow Rennes-Vitesse Arnhem

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at 20:25

Rennes defends (82nd)

The Bretons defend well but the Dutch are more and more pressing in the opposing camp.

at 20:23

Change for Rennes (81st)

Truffert takes the place of Terrier on the left side of Stade Rennais.

at 20:22

The Dutch have spaces in attack (79th)

The Rennes defense was absent on the Vitesse Arnhem counter-attack but Aguerd managed to save his partners by clearing the ball with his head.

at 20:20

Vitesse makes a change (78th)

Manhoef enters instead of Huisman.

at 8:19 PM

The 12th man will make the difference (76th)

Rennes supporters continue to encourage their players. Bruno Génésio’s men will need the supporters to keep this score from 3 to 2.

at 20:16


New Dutch reaction !! After a strike countered by the Rennes defense, Thomas Buitink was placed in the right place at the right time in the Stade Rennais area to catch Alfred Gomis on his right. The match is restarted at Roazhon Park.

at 20:14

Change for Stade Rennais (71st)

The triple scorer Gaétan Laborde gives up his place just like Lovro Majer. Guirassy and Doku come into play.

at 20:10


Gaëtan Laborde offers himself a hat-trick !! After a free kick 30m from the Dutch goal, Lovro Majer sends the ball into the opponent’s penalty area. The defense does not manage to free itself and Laborde, well placed, manages to strike from the left to find the way to the net. The break is once again made for Stade Rennais.

at 8:08 PM

Martin Terrier does not frame his head (65th)

The French striker does not find the frame on this head in the Dutch area. Served by a center of Laborde, the former Lyonnais can not frame his shot. The speed keeper will be able to free himself.

at 20:06

Offensive weapons for Rennes (64th)

With the entry of Sulemana, Stade Rennais wants to make a break in this match.

at 20:04

Change on the Rennes side (62nd)

Sulemane and Ugochukwu enter. Bourigeaud and Tait go out.

at 20:03

Rennes virtually qualified (59th)

Stade Rennais qualifies provisionally for the round of 16 since Tottenham loses on the lawn of Mura (1-0).

at 20:01

Opportunity for Buitink !! (57th)

Thomas Buitink (Vitesse) has space and sends a shot in the direction of Alfred Gomis’ goal. The Rennes goalkeeper reacts well and pushes the ball away. Vitesse receives a corner. But that won’t work.

at 19:59

Rennes under pressure (55th)

The Dutch push in front of Rennes’ goal but can’t do it. Be careful not to let your guard down on the Rennes side at the risk of seeing the players of Vitesse Arnhem come back to score.

at 19:57

Alfred Gomis decisive (53rd)

The Stade Rennais goalkeeper has been involved since the return from the locker room but is vigilant to catch the ball following a Dutch strike.

at 19:56

Change to Speed ​​(52nd)

Buitink and Dasa enter. Yapi and Gboho come out.

at 19:55

Coach Rennais gives his instructions (50th)

Bruno Génésio passes his instructions to the Rennes attackers. The French technician is aware that the next goal will have a significant impact on the rest of the match.

at 19:54

The next goal will be decisive (49th)

If Rennes manages to score a third goal, the players of Vitesse Arnhem would be back to the wall.

at 19:51

Vitesse got into this second act (48th)

The Dutch set the pace as soon as they get back from the locker room.

at 19:31

It’s half time at Roazhon Park !! (45 + 1st)

Eskas puts an end to this first act between the Rennais and the Dutch.
Bruno Génésio’s men lead 2 goals to 1 after the first 45 minutes. It was Gaëtan Laborde, Rennes’ top scorer this season, who showed the way for his teammates (9th). Well served in depth by Martin Terrier, the attacker showed lucidity to take the speed gatekeeper failing. But the number 24 from Stade Rennais managed to double the bet on a service from Meling (39th).
Despite the goal of the break, the players of Vitesse Arnhem managed to illustrate themselves thanks to Dan Huisman, the young Dutch striker. Thinking they had done the hardest part, the Rennes team therefore only led by 1 goal at the break. On the Dutch side, everything remains to be done in the next 45 minutes.

at 19:31

Additional time: 1 minute

The fourth referee indicates 1 additional minute to play.

at 19:28


Vitesse Arnhem reacted immediately. At the entrance to the area, Huisman is the author of a volley that deceives the vigilance of Alfred Gomis. Stade Rennais now only leads 2 goals to 1.

at 19:24


On a good foray into the box, Meling sent a back pass. The ball is caught perfectly by Gaetan Laborde, who unleashes an uncontrolled strike that ends up in the back of the net.

at 19:22

The Dutch raise the tone (35th)

Stade Rennais is lowering its footing and the players of Vitesse Arnhem are feeling it. French coach Bruno Génésio shows his dissatisfaction with his players at the edge of the pitch.

at 19:18

No chance since Laborde’s goal (32nd)

The pace is no longer the same as at the start of the match for Rennes, who no longer provide opportunities.

at 19:15

Rennes sets foot on the ball (29th)

After doing the round back, Rennes regains control of the ball. The Dutch are back to defending.

at 19:14

Rennes supporters give their voice (27th)

Since the kick-off, Stade Rennais fans have been singing and cheering on their players.

at 19:13

The scorers of the first leg on the bench (25th)

Guirassy and Sulemana are on the bench for this meeting. They were the ones who allowed Rennes to win on Dutch soil in the first leg (2-1).

at 19:09

Speed ​​awakens (23rd)

Surprised by the start of the game of Rennes, the players of Vitesse Arnhem dominate and invest the opposing camp for five minutes but Rennes defends well.

at 19:07

Possession for Stade Rennais (21st)

Stade Rennais have the advantage of possession with 60%.

at 19:05

Openda frames his strike (20th)

Belgian Vitesse Arnhem striker Lois Openda finds the target but Alfred Gomis is vigilant to catch the ball.

at 19:03

Rennes keep the ball (16th)

Since the opening of the scoring, Stade Rennais has confiscated the ball from its opponent who cannot provoke dangerous situations on Gomis’ goal.

at 19:01

Third goal for Laborde in the competition (14th)

Gaëtan Laborde signs his 3rd goal in this competition this season thanks to his goal.

at 18:59

Vitesse Arnhem players in danger (13th)

The Dutch have to come back to this part if they are to hope to qualify.

at 18:57

The match is on (11th)

After two short minutes of observation, the two teams are offensive. The opening of the score wraps this meeting.

at 18:53


The Stade Rennais striker opens the scoring !! Well served by Martin Terrier, Gaëtan Laborde strikes from the left and defeats Dutch goalkeeper Houwen. The ball flies calmly into the small left net of the Vitesse goal. Rennes takes the advantage in this match.

at 18:51

Lovro Majer magnifying the frame (7th)

The Croatian Lovro Majer does not find the frame on this shot in the opponent’s box. After a combination between Laborde and Terrier, Flavien Tait inherits the ball to serve Majer who cannot frame his shot. This is the first real opportunity for the start of the match.

at 18:50

Corner for Stade Rennais (5th)

It’s the first corner kick of this game, but Martin Terrier’s header is imprecise and cannot find the frame. Vitesse Arnhem emerges.

at 18:48

Gear well in place (3rd)

The Dutch left control of the ball to the Rennais who exchanged short passes.

at 18:47

Rennes already on the attack (2nd)

The Rennais did not waste time to be dangerous from the first seconds with a center that did not find a taker.

at 18:45

It’s gone to Rennes !! (1st)

The Vitesse Arnhem players kick off.

at 18:43

The players are on the lawn !!

The Rennes and the Dutch are on the ground. The anthem of the Europa League Conference rings out. The match will start soon.

at 18:42

A Norwegian referee on the whistle

Espen Eskas will lead this meeting between Rennes and Vitesse.

at 18:28

The XI of Vitesse Arnhem: Openda and Huisman in attack

at 18:24

Vitesse Arnhem must recover against Rennes

The Dutch in Speed ​​come with clear intentions on Breton soil: to win in order to still dream of qualifying. Defeated in the first leg by Stade Rennais (2-1), Thomas Letsch’s men want revenge.

at 18:20

Stade Rennais unbeaten at home in the Europa League Conference

Bruno Génésio’s players want to continue to maintain the current form by remaining undefeated in front of their supporters.
at 18:14

Good evening everyone !!

Welcome to this live commentary for one of the posters for the 5th day of the group stage of the Europa League Conference. This Thursday, November 25, 2021, in Group G, Stade Rennais (1st) receives Vitesse Arnhem (3rd) at Roazhon Park. Kick off 6:45 p.m.!


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