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Court reporter Saskia Belleman follows the case live. You can read the updates at the bottom of this article.

Holleeder (63) is on appeal for giving five murder orders, in the period 2003-2006. Cor van Hout, Willem Endstra, Kees Houtman, John Mieremet and Thomas van der Bijl were the victims. The court imposed a life sentence on Holleeder in 2019.

Astrid and Sonja

Holleeder denies any involvement in the murders. According to him, others are responsible, but the Public Prosecution Service does not believe his claims. In the eyes of the judiciary, witnesses who have testified against Holleeder are credible. Among them, his sisters Astrid and Sonja are the most notable. Holleeder’s ex-girlfriend Sandra den Hartog has also declared against Holleeder.

Willem Holleeder during the start of the appeal.

Willem Holleeder during the start of the appeal.

On Wednesday, the Public Prosecution Service explained in detail that there are no reasons to doubt the veracity of their incriminating statements. The same applies to the two key witnesses, Peter la S. and Fred R., who have stated incriminating about Holleeder. Witness statements are crucial in the extensive criminal case; there is no other proof.

Until June

Holleeders’ lawyers will hold their plea on 2 and 3 December. On 10 and 21 January, prosecutors and lawyers will react to each other in a final round and Defendant Holleeder will have the last word. The court’s ruling is scheduled for June 24.

Holleeder, who kidnapped beer magnate Freddy Heineken and his driver in 1983 together with others, has been back in the sights of the judiciary since 2006. Then he was arrested and tried for a series of extortions. He has been incarcerated in the current case since December 2014.

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