Live news-Matichon injects Olympic heroes Receive gold, delight in the campaign “News Matichon Tokyo Games”

Live news-Matichon gives back to the heroes of the 2020 Olympic Games by donating a gold necklace and personal accident insurance policy from the campaign “ News Live Matichon Tokyo Games 2020”

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Matichon Group organizes the campaign “Live News Matichon Tokyo Games 2020” for Thai sports fans to follow the news of the competition in all channels. Including activities to cut coupons for lucky draws from newspapers, Sod News, Matichon and Prachachat Business, answering the question “Do Thai athletes get gold medals?” by cutting coupons from July 10 – August 8, 2021, sending them to win prizes worth more than a million. baht Send it to News Sod Co., Ltd. 40/10 Tessaban Nimit Tai Road. Prachaniwet Village 1, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 by corner bracket “ News – Matichon Tokyo Games” (unlimited deliveries) to win prizes including cars, motorcycles and gold worth more than a million baht. which has already had the prize money in the past

Most recently, on September 21, 2021, at the front of News Sod Co., Ltd., Ms. Panbua Bunpan, Managing Director of Matichon Public Company Limited, was the chairman of awarding the athletes with Mr. Suriwong Uapatiphan, newspaper editor. Newspaper, Ms. Chumchan Chamniprasat, Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper Newspaper, and Mr. Chalit Kitinyansap Managing Director, Ngandee Co., Ltd. participated

For athletes, “Nong Tennis”, Ms. Panipak Wongwattanakit, the 2020 Olympic gold medalist Taekwondo Hero, won a gold necklace weighing 5 baht, “Taew” Ms. Sudaporn Sisorndee, an amateur boxing hero. The 2020 Olympic bronze medalist receives a gold necklace weighing 3 baht with a policy. From Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited, donated a personal accident insurance policy with a sum insured of 1,000,000 baht.

It also provides Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited donated personal accident insurance policy, insured amount of 1,000,000 baht, to the Thai national amateur boxer team, consisting of Chatchaidecha Butdee, a 57 kg male international boxer, and Ms. Jutamas Chitpong, an international boxing athlete. Model 51 kg. Female, Mrs. Baison Maneekon, international boxing athlete, 69 kg. Female, Lt. Gen. Kamanit Nareerak, head trainer, Mr. Chaichumphon Chamnanmak, assistant head coach and Mr. Pek Phuengpanya, assistant head coach coaching as well

Ms. Chumchan said that from the success of the campaign “Live News-Matichon Tokyo Games 2020” organized by the Matichon Group We think it’s very successful. Even if you have to face many obstacles Because during the 2020 Olympics, we are severely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. But when we see athletes who go out to compete Everyone fights for the country, giving them more encouragement. And Thai people have sent encouragement back to the athletes who are competing as well. We are the media that presents news already. Then when we come to organize activities that allow people to participate. We are very proud of this event. There were really a lot of people who sent coupons to join in the fun and answer questions. Even if it is a continuation of the activity “Live news-Matichon Euro 2020”, but still receives attention from the people who join in the fun by sending more and more coupons.

“Especially when we ask, Will we get medals from this competition? But when the festival started one day Little Tennis came to win the gold medal for us. So it’s an answer that everyone can send. make this activity very successful And in the future as we are the leader of sports events. I think that will be passed on to other events for sure. whether it be the SEA Games, the Asian Games, and the World Cup.”

On the “Nong Tennis”, Ms. Panipak Wongwattanakit said that after completing the Olympic Games mission I got on the line thank you various departments as well as conducting interviews with the media in all fields Recently, he has returned to the training camp. There are still challenges ahead of the next tournament. Even after winning an Olympic gold medal but still practicing hard There are still challenges

“Today I had the opportunity to receive an award in the Matichon Tokyo Games Live News campaign organized by Matichon Live News. Thank you very much for organizing such a good event to pass on encouragement to all Thai national athletes. It makes athletes, including the mouse, have a lot of morale to compete.”

While “Taew” Ms. Sudaporn Sisondee said that since the Olympics ended admit that life is better Athletes, when they have performance, will make our lives better as you can see. From the Olympic results, Taew has been filled with naval service. who recently passed a civil servant training course Civil Defense Commissioned Class 34 has been completed. giving us a job that is as stable as we hoped can take care of family As for the live news activities, Matichon Tokyo Games 2020, thanks to Matichon Live News very much for the good activities that support the athletes of the Thai national team. From the start of the race to the end of the race It is a very good activity.

For the 1st prize, NEW SUZUKI SWIFT GLX blue car, valued 629,000 baht, 2nd prize, Honda motorcycle All New WAVE110i worth 43,500 baht, 6 prizes, total value 261,000 baht, 3rd prize, gold worth 20,000 baht, 10 prizes, total value 200,000 baht, prizes 4th place, gold worth 10,000 baht, 10 prizes, total value 100,000 baht, which has been announced before the winners

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