Liviu Dragnea: It was like hell in prison. Romania wants a country like abroad, but prisons should be like in the Middle Ages

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Liviu Dragnea: Many asked me why I chose Reality, but Reality chose me. Elsewhere, after I was contacted for shows, I was told I couldn’t come.

About the prison experience

I have nothing to hide. It was like hell in prison. Unfortunately, the penitentiary system in Romania is wrongly thought out. Society is wrong to treat superficially and contraryly what is happening in Western countries. There is an emphasis on psychological counseling. They are interested in those who come out being less tempted to repeat another crime. Romania wants a country like abroad, but prisons should be like in the Middle Ages.

I had a negative preferential system. Especially after the discussion with you (no – with Anca Alexandrescu). The next day after the conversation, three young people from ANP came to take a statement from me to explain why I was talking politics. I asked them to tell me who I was so I could tell them what I was writing. They asked me why I talked about Iohannis. No one from the ANP came to ask me about the law and the regulations. There have been a number of abuses against me. I was in solitary confinement for nine months. I only went out in a day and 50 minutes. But not when it was sunny. In the end, I won by court order.

About Iohannis

Rahova is a smaller Romania. There are all social categories. The yard is small, with 1400-1500 people. I was told that all the phone conversations and what I was doing there ended up being read by Iohannis. I was told that pressure was being put on the former prison management. There was pressure on them to get me out of work. I didn’t understand why. I understood in February this year. If I wasn’t taken out, I would be free in February. I was told I shouldn’t go out then.

What I see after I go out. I didn’t want to see the news there, but I found out from the others. What is now in Romania is a dictatorship of Iohannis. There is this structure coordinated by Iohannis, helped by PSD, which is also coordinated by Iohannis. They want to teach Romania piece by piece, land by land, field by field. Another goal for the Government, how to take more and more fat commissions, on huge sums spent. For Iohannis, the goal is personal protection. I think that Traian Băsescu knows many things and they did not rush to him, but they slaughtered his family.

Iohannis is afraid that after he will no longer be president, he will bind him. Then he is no longer covered up. Cîţu changed Stelică from Justice, who had only the objective of dissolving the SIIJ, so that Stelică would not make uncontrollable proposals by them. That was Iohannis’ main goal. That’s why he goes with Cîţu to the white canvases. The difference between PSD and the others is that they shout at the embassies that “if you choose us, we will give you even more”.

About the “Referendum file”

It was not proven that 2 million votes were rigged. I was convicted of instigating PSD militants. I’m trying to quote from the sentence. I would have instigated the PSD militants to study the permanent electoral lists, and in this way they could have influenced the voters. I didn’t do anything that was said. It was a political case.

About the “parallel state”

The problem is this occult structure, which was led by Florian Coldea, then was taken over by Pahonţu (no – the head of the SPP). The sources are the discussions I had with Coldea, Maior, Dîncu, Sebastian Ghiţă or Ponta. I heard with my own ears discussions between Coldea and Maior with prosecutors. More with Coldea. George, from 10, 11 in the morning, was friends with the glass. What if I sat at the table with the parallel state? Yes, and everyone stays. Because they have infiltrated everywhere. Their targets were of several categories. First, political leaders considered somewhat patriotic and could muster a critical mass. Opinion leaders who could become dangerous. I remember Gigi Becali. the owners of football clubs, because they were considered dangerous. People in the press, people who have well-articulated views. Not those who put sentences. Press owners. Gica Popescu was taken to prison for not winning the Football Federation. Vanghelie was one of the people who said things inside. That’s why he was taken.

About Vasile Dîncu

With Dîncu there was pressure to be appointed prime minister in 2017. That evening (no – after the 2016 parliamentary elections) I finished the conference in Băneasa and went to the party headquarters. Vasile called me and asked me to stop by. Hellvig and Coldea were there. I greeted them, they congratulated me. I had a drink for the election victory, after which a strange discussion began about who will be prime minister. Being asked by Hellvig and Coldea also why I do not propose Dîncu as prime minister. I told them I honestly didn’t think about it, and it’s not the place to talk about it. The discussion degenerated very badly. The next day at 12 o’clock, Hellvig came to my house. He also came with food to eat together, to tell me not to misunderstand the conversation the night before. Then he said he was going to Iohannis. They left no party in which not to infiltrate. Most in PSD. With one exception, Gabi Firea.

PSD is completely handed over to Iohannis by the current leadership. He is complicit in the actions of the leadership in the national robbery. PSD is complicit in all this economic disaster and in the increasingly bad life of Romanians. Dîncu wants to be president, with Grindeanu as prime minister.

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