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After a failed defending season, the offseason Lakers can be said to be a big fan reinforcement, and the most watched operation is the Westbrook trade case on the day of the non-draft.

Regarding the Westbrook transaction, I once wrote a comment, welcome to gather, and I won’t explain it here.

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Frankly speaking, I was puzzled when the Lakers traded to Westbrook. After all, a congested restricted area found someone with no projection ability. Isn’t this suicide? What is suicide? However, after watching the follow-up operations of the Lakers, I can gradually understand the thinking of the top level of the Lakers, and for their overall reinforcement in the off-season, I personally changed from looking at the decline to being optimistic.

Let’s first understand the personnel changes that the Lakers left behind during the off-season!

Condition Player
Enlistment Carmelo Anthony、Kendrick Nunn、Kent Bazemore、Wayne Ellington、Malik Monk、Dwight Howard、Trevor Ariza、Rajon Rondo、DeAndre Jordon
Leave the team Alex Caruso、Andre Drummond、Ben McLemore、Markieff Morris、Dennis Schroder、Kyle Kuzma、Montrazl、Harrell、Kentavious Caldwell-Pope、Alfonzo McKinnie、Marc Gasol

Hmm… Obviously, basically, the Lakers have undergone drastic changes in the offseason lineup. Except for the fixed cores such as AD and LeBron, they are basically tradeable for everyone.

Since there are too many personnel changes, I have the opportunity to organize an article to talk about the operation of the Lakers. However, this article mainly focuses on the overallity, so I will not spend too much space on a single contract, Transaction case.

Then let’s get started!

The most important operation for the Lakers this offseason is to find Westbrook. This completely solves the second organization problem that has not been improved since the 19-20 season. In other words, we can finally do it again in the new season. Seeing LeBron James appearing in the familiar forward position, after all, it is Westbrook who holds the ball. After finding Westbrook, the Lakers’ salary space officially exploded, and they were sure that they could not sign any heavyweight players, but that’s okay. After all, they are in Los Angeles, a big city that everyone aspires to, plus the well-connected LBJ, many have experience. , And capable veterans bring their own guns to rely on their basic salary, including “melon” Camelo Anthony, Ariza, Bazemore, Howard and others. Seeing this scene, what do the teams in small cities feel?

Having said that, I think the two most important goals for the Lakers this offseason are to find the backcourt to “control” the ball and make up for the unstable three-pointer.

Did they do it? I think it definitely did. Needless to say, the assist king Westbrook has taken the lead. On the bench, there are also experienced Rondo, young Nunn (although the latter is more like a combo guard), and even LeBron has actually proved that he can control the ball. So unless the ball is affected by injuries, it is absolutely sufficient based on the current lineup.

Then there are three points outside. In the previous article, the main reason why I opposed the Westbrook trade case is that they sent away KCP, the best three-point shooter on the team, and Kuzma, who is equally good at shooting. This makes me very ignorant of the Lakers team. However, after seeing Ellington (42.2%), Anthony (40.9%), Nunn (38.1%), Monk (40.1%), Bazemore (40.8%) and others joining, we can be sure that the The Lakers have definitely improved by more than one level over last year.

After talking about the Lakers’ offseason trader, let’s take a look at their outlook for the new season!

Although the Lakers’ lineup is indeed very neat from the perspective of strength and lineup, and all aspects of combat power are already at a good level, it still inevitably attracts some doubts. The biggest question is: the age is too high. And this also made the Lakers dubbed the “Los Angeles nursing home” by fans.

I actually hold the same skepticism towards this statement. After all, it is an indisputable fact that the older he is, the more vulnerable he is. Even if he is stronger than LeBron, we cannot say that he is better than the 30-year-old.

However, it is clear that the Lakers executives have also thought about the problem of generally high age, and gave a solution to this problem-that is, to sign a few more players and take turns to play.

Spreading out the list of players for the Lakers in the new season, there are probably 12-13 players who can be named and put on the table. In other words, the current lineup of the Lakers is enough to play two lineups! So if you really want to say, they can put each player on the court for an average of 20 minutes.

Of course, it is a bit extreme to let every player play for twenty minutes, but generally this is not far from the thinking of the Lakers. In principle, the Lakers are still running teams with AD and LeBron as the core. In order to avoid the recurrence of injury-ridden regrets like this year, the Lakers obviously need to let AD and LBJ “maintain” in the regular season. The record part is Don’t be afraid of Westbrook, as long as they make the playoffs anyway, everything is easy to say with the depth of their lineup.

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