“Love is in the meadow”: when it comes time to take stock, Paulette creates a surprise, Nathalie must repair herself

The second part of the balance sheet of “Love is in the meadow” confirmed this Monday, November 29, the serious connections of Sébastien and Valentin. The Ardèche lavender is still suffering from his back after a serious quad bike accident and Karine took care of him.

It is only natural that we see them arriving together. “We sign for the rest of the life,” launches the contender, her eyes shining. Sébastien confirms: “It’s as if I’ve known her forever. “

Same evidence between Valentin, the Breton producer of edible flowers, and Charley, dentist in Touraine. The return on his speed dating, the impassive face in front of the parade of the candidates, is quite funny. The editing and the music of the sequences make him pass for a psychopath.

Charley, still under the spell, continues to flatter him lovingly: “You are a reassuring rock, you have a lot of charm, I love your physique of a bearded Viking. »Then looking at Karine Le Marchand, Charley adds:« It is healthy and simple, that’s what I wanted ».

“He called me back while watching the show”

The results delivered a big surprise with Paulette, whom we thought to see again with Dan. She had seen the 68-year-old pastry chef in meditation in the summer of 2019. A spiritual connection that ultimately did not pass the stage of friendship. “It was a soul-to-soul encounter, nothing carnal happened. Dan is a great healer. If the latter has not opened his chakras under Paulette’s hands, the donkey breeder announces that he has put his gift into action, back home.

And “Love is in the meadow” gave the farmer another gift: she found her second husband, with whom she had once stayed for ten years. “We each had two children, it was very complicated. We lost contact for seventeen years. He called me while watching the show, to invite me to the same restaurant as 30 years ago… I am very in love. »Karine Le Marchand is stuck.

Next to Paulette, Swiss winemaker Jean-Daniel, a gruff bachelor, lets go that he “has leads”, but he wants, for once, to remain discreet.

Vincent, the horse breeder, arrived with a new companion, Justine, a rider he met in Biarritz where he went on vacation. She had been a subscriber to her Instagram account since the start of the Six’s show season.

They exchanged for a month and a half, to get to know each other. “She knows my children, it’s more than a marriage contract,” Vincent smiles. I learned the difference between the passion that is consumed and the love that is built. “

“You have to take kindness lessons”

Finally, for the emotional touch, Karine Le Marchand gave a well-adjusted lesson to Nathalie. The calf breeder, fan of pink, did not heal her battered wounds. She quickly broke up with Stéphane, the paramedic considered “too secret”.

“You have to take kindness lessons, you have to put curves in your relationships with others,” warns the host. Nathalie repeats that it is her “nature side”. The presenter reframes it relentlessly: “What kind of man wants to stay with a woman like that? “

And to rewind the tackles struck by Nathalie to her two nice suitors: “You were the least ugly, here it’s not a 5-star hotel, you’re small …” “When a man shows himself with his flag, you fired at the Kalashnikov, insists Karine Le Marchand. Repair yourself so that you can open a new page in your life. “

Nathalie cries, recognizes that she is not ready, that she no longer trusts. “Love is in the meadow” toasts love, but also allows some to discover their limits.

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