Luigi discovered in Sega GT prototype – FUN

Many efforts are currently being made to try to preserve as many pieces of video game history as possible. Among these efforts, one of the most important of recent years is the Project Deluge, which lists on the Internet prototypes, demos and other games never released on the market and makes them available to players, who can make surprising discoveries, like the one that interests us today: as you will have understood by seeing of the title of the article, as the console war between Nintendo and SEGA was in full swing, the latter used Luigi in a circuit of the demo of the first Now GT, appeared on Dreamcast in 2000.

So kidding the developers? Placeholder while waiting for another asset? Wink from the kyotoïte studio TOSE, who worked on several titles on behalf of Nintendo (especially on the Game and Watch Gallery)? Is Luigi entered the game of his own free will, annoyed that he had not been integrated into Super Mario 64 ? No one can really know, and the mystery should remain unless a former developer’s tongue loosens. However, given that the two publishers are no longer really competitors, nothing would prevent SEGA (set to unveil a mobile RPG at the Tokyo Game Show) to take out a portage Switch from Now GT which would integrate the iconic brother of Mario.

How do you feel about this?

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