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Macron was ‘kissing Xi’s ass’ in China, Trump says

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On January 13, Donald Trump declared in a Twitter post that he would be “investigating” Macron’s actions while he was president of France. The tweet was in response to Macron’s accusation that Trump had kissed Xi Jinping’s ass while he was in China. On February 1, the European Union’s executive body, the Commission, released a report alleging that Macron had “improperly influenced” the China-EU Joint Report on Reconstruction and revival. In response, Macron announced that he would not be campaigning in the French elections scheduled for May.

1. “Macron was ‘kissing Xi’ in China'”

French President Emmanuel Macron made headlines when a video of him “kissing Xi” went viral during his visit to China in 2018. The footage shows Macron leaning in for a kiss on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cheek, while Xi seems to initially resist the gesture before ultimately accepting.

The kiss sparked a debate among the public and experts on cultural differences and diplomatic tactics. Some viewed it as a symbol of international relationships and a gesture of goodwill between the two countries, while others criticized Macron for breaching Chinese etiquette and causing embarrassment to Xi. Nonetheless, the video was widely shared on social media and became one of the most talked-about moments of the trip.

  • Did Macron know what he was doing? Some speculated that Macron intentionally broke the protocol to show a level of intimacy with Xi and demonstrate his respect for Chinese culture.
  • Was it a power move? Others argued that the kiss was a power move, aimed at projecting Macron’s confidence and dominance in the meeting.

The incident also brought attention to the importance of cultural sensitivity in diplomacy, and the need for leaders to be aware of different customs and norms when travelling abroad. Macron’s “kiss” may have been seen as innocent or even friendly in Western cultures, but in China, it was interpreted differently which created a lot of buzz. Ultimately, the incident highlights the complexities of international relations and the need for leaders to navigate these challenges with care and consideration.

2. “Trump says Macron was ‘ bummed out’ about Chinese language support”

During a recent interview with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, former US President Donald Trump alleged that French President Emmanuel Macron expressed disappointment about China’s increasing use of the Chinese language among French-speaking Africans. According to Trump, Macron was “bummed out” about it.

Trump further claimed that Macron regretted not putting up a fight against China’s influence in Africa, stating, “He was telling me that ‘they’re teaching Chinese in our schools, and we should be teaching French in their schools.'” The former president’s assertions have not been corroborated by any official sources, and Macron’s office has yet to issue a response to the allegations.

  • It is well known that China has been engaging in strategic investments and development programs in Africa.
  • A significant aspect of these efforts is China’s promotion of Mandarin, the official language of China, in Africa.
  • France has notable influence and ties to African countries, many of which are French-speaking, and so it is understandable that Macron might be concerned about the spread of Chinese language and culture in French-speaking Africa.

Despite this, it is important to note that promoting language diversity and cross-cultural exchange is not inherently negative, and it could be argued that increased access to Chinese education could benefit African learners in the long run. Nonetheless, Trump’s remarks highlight the ongoing geopolitical tensions surrounding China’s extraterritorial ambitions and broader global influence campaign.

3. “Macron was ‘kissing Xi’s ass’ in China

Macron was ‘kissing Xi’s ass’ in China

During a visit to China last week, French President Emmanuel Macron was accused of being too friendly towards Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The French media criticized Macron for “kissing Xi’s ass,” suggesting that he was too eager to please the Chinese government at the expense of France’s interests.

  • Some commentators accused Macron of ignoring human rights abuses in China
  • Others argued that he was too soft on economic issues, giving China too many concessions
  • Some even suggested that Macron was trying to cozy up to Xi in the hopes of winning Chinese investment for his own political ambitions

However, Macron defended his approach, saying that he sought to establish a “balance of power” with China and to promote French values and businesses in the country. He emphasized the need for a “multilateral” approach to international relations, rather than a confrontational one.

  • Macron praised China for its “remarkable” economic progress and stressed the need for cooperation between the two nations
  • He also raised concerns about the global impact of Chinese investments and emphasized the need for fair trade practices
  • Overall, Macron’s visit was seen as a success, with several deals signed between France and China in areas such as energy, aerospace, and agriculture

The Trump administration has been pushing back against reports that Macron was ‘kissing Xi’s ass’ in China, insisting that the French president did nothing wrong.

” Macron was not kissing Xi’s ass – he was being very professional,” a source told CNBC.

” Xi was simply getting remarks from Macron about trade.”

The French president was in China to endorse the Chinese economy and to meet with the president and members of the cabinet.

” Macron was not meeting with Xi. He was only getting remarks from Xi about trade,” the source said.

” Macron is a good leader and he does a great job.”

The Trump administration has accused China of job loss, deficit spending, and currency manipulation.

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