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Madrid will impose “selective confinements of the areas with the highest incidence” of covid | Madrid

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The Deputy Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Antonio Zapatero, during an act.Ricardo Rubio / Europa Press

The Government of Madrid is going to tighten up measures to try to contain the second wave of the coronavirus, whose patients already occupy one in five hospital beds in the community. The Deputy Minister of Health, Antonio Zapatero, stated in a press conference that “we must act as soon as possible” and has advanced that, as of this weekend, there will be new decisions aimed at “restricting mobility and concentration of people”. “It seems important to us to take a more drastic measure, which is in line with what people can understand as selective confinement by basic health areas or by health areas with more incidence”, both in the capital and in the region, has advanced the vice-counselor. The announcement comes the day after concluding the debate on the state of the region, during which the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, made no allusion to possible confinements.

Zapatero has not specified which areas or localities may be confined from the weekend. According to the latest epidemiological surveillance report of the covid, published on the 8th, the average incidence of the disease in the last 14 days in the Community of Madrid is 528.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The municipality with the highest incidence is Parla, with 876.1, followed by Alcobendas, with 766.4, and Fuenlabrada, with 717.6. In the capital, the most affected districts are Puente de Vallecas with 1,043.4, Usera with 964.1 and Villaverde with 918.5. Asked if the confinements entail a closure of the hotel business or of the schools, Zapatero has not clarified anything, except to reiterate that the measures that have to be taken will be taken and that they are yet to be determined.

Both Zapatero and Elena Andradas, general director of Public Health, have emphasized the need to complete the quarantines and the high degree of non-compliance that is being registered. The Madrid legislation “contemplates the obligation to comply with isolation when a person is confirmed as a case,” Andradas said. This has added that it could be possible to “notify directly in writing the need to comply with the isolation by order 668 of Health”. “In the event of non-compliance, this would open the door to being able to start and process sanctions for non-compliance with the isolation measures ”, he warned.

In this sense, Zapatero explained that he has asked the Ministry of Health to reduce from 14 to 7 the days on which a contact must be isolated as a precaution. The criteria for proposing seven-day quarantines are, Zapatero said, “sanitary.” “Already in the last weeks the infectivity period of the virus goes in the first seven days; this fact is contemplated by many specialists. France and Germany are considering it and the ministry welcomes this as a possibility ”, he explained.

Zapatero has also reported that the classes in quarantine in the educational centers of the Community of Madrid amount to 178, “which is 0.5% of the total, since we have a total of 35,000 classrooms.” The first week of returning to school resulted in a total of 26 classes isolated by positives. In addition, there is an outbreak in a nursery school in the capital Madrid, whose name has not been specified, with five cases among children between one and three years old. “In the same school a sixth case has been detected, but not associated,” Andradas has pointed out, who has ensured that the bubble groups “are safe” and that infections are not occurring in the classrooms, but in the homes. Zapatero pointed out that the data will be updated every week and that the current figures “fall within the foreseeable”, with 1.2 million students and more than 70,000 teachers.

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