Magic Leap 2, the augmented reality headset, will be released in 2022

Posted12 October 2021, 22:10

The augmented reality start-up has raised $ 500 million and plans to launch an improved product in 2022.

Magic Leap has unveiled a preview of its new headset dubbed Magic Leap 2.

Magic Leap

In great difficulty after the flop of its Magic Leap One augmented reality headset launched in 2018, the American start-up Magic Leap has not disappeared. Quite the contrary! Peggy Johnson, boss of the firm, announced Monday during an interview on CNBC that the company had just raised 500 million dollars in a new funding round. It values ​​the company, which had known how to maintain the mystery around its first project for several years, at 2 billion dollars (against 6.7 billion in 2019, recalls TechCrunch).

Magic Leap 2

The director also announced that a new version of her helmet would be released in 2022. Called Magic Leap 2, the device will feature a design closer to traditional glasses. According to early renderings, it will indeed be more compact and lighter than its predecessor. It is also supposed to offer a field of view twice as wide as that of the previous generation which was only 50 degrees, but also better image quality, more faithful colors and better readability of the text. A function must allow to attenuate “the background of the real world” to facilitate the visualization of the contents in augmented reality, explained Peggy Johnson. On the other hand, this did not give any details as to the price of the future product, which mainly targets the professional market. The director mentioned in particular certain target markets, such as surgery, defense and industry.


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