Magnetic Quantum Numbers According to Theory and Its Determination

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Magnetic quantum numbers may sound foreign. Quantum number is a number or number that represents the position of electrons and energy level that is the distance from the atomic nucleus, orbital orientation, orbital shape, and electron rotation contained in the atomic model of quantum mechanics.

The orbital of an atom has 3 quantum numbers, namely the principal quantum number (n), azimuth (l), and magnetic (ml). Principal quantum numbers consist of positive integers starting with 1. While azimuths start with 0. What about magnetic quantum? Check out the following explanation.

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The Meaning of Magnetic Quantum Numbers For Knowledge

In atomic physics, the magnetic quantum is denoted by the letter ml which is the third quantum number that describes the quantum state for an electron.

This number distinguishes the orbitals found in the subcircum. It is usually useful to calculate the azimuth component of the orbital orientation in space.

This magnetic quantum number describes the behavior of electrons in a magnetic field. In the absence of a magnetic field, electrons and orbitals have values ​​of n and i that are similar or equal but differ in m.

However, in the presence of a magnetic field, this value can change. This is due to the interaction between the magnetic field itself and the magnetic field outside.

Moreover, this number m exists due to the angular momentum of the electron and the motion associated with the flow of electricity.

The electrons become aligned in certain regions around the nucleus due to interactions.

Hence these regions are known as orbitals. So the orientation of the electrons around the nucleus is determined by the magnetic quantum number.

So this quantum number m is a quantum number that indicates the orientation of the orbital in three -dimensional space.

If the atomic shell is a terraced dormitory, while the atomic subshell is a floor containing rooms. So this describes the distribution of electrons in the rooms of each floor.

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Determination of Quantum Amount ml

A description of the magnetic quantum number like this, in one subshell, the value of m will depend on the value of the azimuth quantum number. While for certain values ​​(2l+1) the rounded value of m is -l, (-1+1),…., 0,…., (+l-1), +l.

If l = 0 then m = 0 but if l = 1 then there are three values ​​of m namely -1.0 and -1. Likewise, if l = 2 then there are 5 values ​​of m, namely -2, -1, 0, +1 and +2. The number of m will indicate the number of orbitals in the subshell with a value of l under certain conditions.

The azimuth quantum number consists of integers 0 to +-l so that the magnetic value in each orbital is different. If the orbital is s, then ml = 0. This is because in the s orbital, l = 0.

However, in d orbitals, since l=2, the values ​​of ml=-2,-1, 0, 1, and 2. Here it is shown that numbers mean orbital orientation.

Magnetic quantum has values ​​from -1 to 0 to +1. So for every 1 orbital quantum number there will be a magnetic quantum number m1=(2l+1). The angular momentum of the x, Y and Z components, on the x and y components has an arbitrary magnitude. However, the Z component is not arbitrary but quantized.

Big Moment

Meanwhile, the magnitude of the angular momentum of the electron is affected by the magnetic field, which is outside B, if the external field is parallel to the Z axis. Thus, the value of L in the Z direction fulfills the equation: Lz = mlh ….8.10 so that the number of ml for the value of l = 0, that is in the z direction there is one value ml=0.

The value of l=1 has 3 values ​​of m, namely -1,0,1 and the magnitude of the angular momentum about the ZLZ axis for l=1 which is -, 0, +. The magnitude of the angular momentum on the Z axis can be seen as follows.

cos T 1 = then the value of T1 = 45 o cos T2 == 0 then the value of T2 = 90 0 cos T 3 = then the value of T3 = 135 o. So large is the angular momentum and its direction as well as the shape of the electron orbit path at the number of orbitals = 1. The picture is ml = 1 L z = L = ml = 0 L z = 0 L = ml = – 1 L z = L = 45 o 90 o 135 o LLL ml = 0 ml = 1 ml = 1.

The quantum mechanical spin of a single particle forms a magnetic field. In addition, the rotation is influenced by itself. Like an electric current, it causes a permanent ferromagnetic magnetic field. Magnetic quantum numbers can add to knowledge. (R10/HR Online)

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