Majority of Catholics want Woelkis recalled

Cologne in June: Several undert participants demonstrate in front of Cardinal Woelki’s house for a comprehensive investigation into cases of abuse and more equal rights for women in the Catholic Church.
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More than half of the German Catholics want the Cologne Cardinal Woelki to be recalled. The reason is his behavior when it comes to clarifying sexual abuse.

EA clear majority of the 22.2 million Catholics in Germany supports the recall of the Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki because of dealing with the investigation of sexual abuse. In a representative survey by the opinion research institute Insa, 61 percent of those questioned said that they were in favor of this, reports the Bild newspaper. A total of 1,002 citizens were interviewed for the survey on Friday, it said.

This afternoon the German Catholic bishops meet in Fulda for their autumn plenary assembly. One of the focal points of the four-day meeting is current questions on dealing with cases of sexual violence in the Catholic Church.

In the survey, 70 percent of Catholics also believe that all 27 German local bishops should offer the Pope their resignation because the church as a whole had failed in the abuse affair. 51 percent of Catholics have already thought of leaving the church, 19 percent of them specifically because of the controversial Cardinal Woelki from Cologne.

The Archdiocese of Cologne and especially Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki have been criticized for months for dealing with the investigation of sexual abuse in the German diocese with the largest number of members.


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