Malaga reaches 97 coronavirus patients after adding twenty more cases | BE Malaga | Hour 14 Malaga

The Ministry of Health and Families informs that they have been confirmed in Malaga a total of 97 cases of contagion by coronavirus in the last hours.

By provinces, and taking as a reference eight in the afternoon, the total of positive cases is:

– Málaga: 97

– Almeria: 4

– Cádiz: 11

– Córdoba: 3

– Granada: 8

– Huelva: 1

– Jaén: 17

– Sevilla: 10

The new declared cases are pending confirmation from the National Center for Microbiology. Likewise, the prevention protocols dictated by the Ministry of Health to determine the possible direct contacts these patients have had. For their part, the rest of the cases in Andalusia do not report changes since the last statement.

The Ministry of Health and Families has increased to ten laboratories authorized to receive coronavirus samples. Thus, in Andalusia, the hospital complex of Jaén, Virgen Macarena, Hospital de Jerez, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Costa del Sol, Puerta del Mar, San Cecilio, Virgen de las Nieves, Reina Sofía and Virgen del Rocío are available.

Attention Telephone

The Ministry of Health and Families is carrying out through the Public Health Emergencies Company a daily monitoring of the queries that people make about the coronavirus both at 955 540 060 of Salud Responde and those received in the 8 coordination centers of 061 emergencies and emergencies available in Andalusia.

From February 25 to Tuesday, March 11, Salud Responde has managed 17,442 inquiries about the coronavirus, with 4,656 being attended yesterday. Along with them, the 061 coordinating centers have attended 6,963 inquiries for the same reason, 1,425 of them during the day yesterday.

Faced with the increase in the demand for assistance due to coronavirus during Monday and Tuesday of this week, the Ministry of Health and Families has enabled a 900 telephone number to answer questions about coronavirus (900 400 061).

From the Public Health Emergencies Company it is recommended that this telephone number be used for those cases in which users may consider that they have symptoms and that after an initial assessment they will be referred to the 061 health emergency services in each province.


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