Manchester United | Concerned about Fernandes:

Bruno Fernandes was once again a key piece for Manchester United when he signed up for two online acquaintances in the 2-2 match against Aston Villa on Saturday.

But despite two goals, the Portuguese must withstand criticism from the former United player Paul Parker, who played for the red shirts between 1991 and 1996.

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He believes Fernandes’ behavior and body language on the field create irritation among teammates.

– Fernandes worries me. From just seeing him and the way he behaves on the field, I am sure that there are players in the team who do not like him and what he does on the field, Parker says on the Youtube channel Talk of the Devils.

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He elaborates:

– He pays too much attention to everything that happens. When he puts in a bad tackle, he says they have to get up. If he is tackled himself, he rolls around, and then he will show that he has a small cut on the sock or something like that.

Points to incident with Watkins

Parker points to an episode in the match, when Fernandes was down after a tackle on him and Aston Villas Ollie Watkins offered the Portuguese a helping hand.

– Watkins tried to help him up. He’s a nice guy, there’s nothing wrong with him.

– He felt that he did nothing and tried to get him up. He was not rude to him, and then Fernandes pushed his arms up in his face and was very disrespectful to him, says Parker.

– Then he should not be in this club

On Monday, The Athletic announced that Fernandes wants an improved agreement with United and that he had turned down an offer this autumn. That too makes Parker react.

– Where are you going? Where were you before you came to Man United, where you’ve had all this around you? asks Parker.

He believes the 27-year-old must show more respect for the club that picked him up in January 2020.

– Nobody out there really wanted him. United grabbed him. I can understand why other clubs did not go for him. I think it’s a bit about him personally, that it’s what may have kept people away.

– United have created a career out of him. If he is not loyal enough to respect what the club has done for his status, then so be it. Then he should not be in this football club, Parker continues.

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