Marek Ztracený released a Christmas song with Hana Zagorová

“This song is such a small musical attempt to save this Christmas, which they now tell us they might not be either. I hope that what we sing about in the song will be true and Christmas will be the same. I believe that most of us will be in the lyrics and the song will make you happy, “says the singer and songwriter.

He adds to the collaboration with Hana Zagorová: “Ever since my concert at the O2 Arena in Prague, where I invited Hanka as a guest, I wanted to have a song with her. When I passed this Christmas, I immediately called her to see if she had the desire and strength to sing it with me. The reaction was immediate and Hanka was thrilled. I’m honored to sing with such a legendary singer. The recording was more than enjoyable and I feel like it worked out. ”

Zagorová remarked: “I received the first gift for Christmas, a duet from Mark Lost Christmas as before. It’s a beautiful song and I think you will believe every word he wrote because it comes straight from the heart. “

Producer Dalibor Cidlinský jr. Is behind the final sound of the recording, and Kühn’s children’s choir under the direction of Eliška Hrubá Toperczerová will be interested in his participation. The idea for the clip was brought by Marek Ztracený, directed by Jaroslav Zderadička, behind the camera was Lukáš Marek and the producer is Daniel Horník and Filmzlicincompany.

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