Maria De Filippi introduces the new students and there is also the son of Gigi D’Alessio

The school opens

Maria De Filippi introduces the professors and announces the first news. After having occupied the dance chair in the last edition, this year Lorella Cuccarini will have one of the singing chairs along with Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli. The presence of the dancer and choreographer has also been confirmed Raimondo Todaro, new dance teacher together with Veronica Peparini and Alessandra Celentano.

Alumni and VIPs on the desks
Many guests in the studio, including alumni of the school and celebrities. Maria brings in the winner of the last edition Giulia Stabile, who enters with the cup in hand. The talents sit on the desks initially, in addition to her Aka7even, Deddy, Alessandro, but also Gerry Scotti, Tommaso Paradiso, Raoul Bova, Nino Frassica, Roberto Baggio, Linus, Paola Egonu, Ambra Sabatini, Flavia Pennetta, Eleonora Abbagnato, Filippo Magnini, Alessio Sakara, Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessandro Cavallo. All witnesses to have believed in their dreams and to have achieved great goals. They will be the ones to deliver the shirt to the aspiring students of the school from time to time.
The teachers have 17 desks available.

The performances to conquer a bench and the first singing students
First Singing Candidate, Carla Vizzini, whose Gerry Scotti he expresses his wish: “You are about to realize your dream, I hope you can have many other dreams in reserve”. Unfortunately, however, no counter for her.
The first bank wins him instead Alex thanks to the yes of the prof Lorella Cuccarini.
The second singing bench is for Flaza to which Lorella gives absolute approval and the second bench, while the other two judges would be against. Linus gives her the shirt.
First quarrel between Rudy and Anna on the third candidate, Luigi. Pettinelli claims that the boy is out of tune and does not give him the bench, while Zerbi promotes him and gives it to him. No even from Cuccarini. To hand him the shirt Nino Frassica.
In order not to embarrass her in the choice of ad Eleonora Abbagnato a candidate is given for singing and not for dance. It is about Luca D’Alessio, stage name LDA, son of Gigi D’Alessio. The counter gives it to him Rudy Zerbi, while for the Pettinelli is a Gigi D’Alessio more out of tune and a little “dated”.
whites is the new candidate for singing. His godfather is Filippo Magnini. A very convinced Yes for prof Anna Pettinelli and for him the bank is insured.
It is the turn of Tommaso which is chosen by Lorella Cuccarini, who gives him a bench without a shadow of a doubt. “I find it still too immature”, comments Pettinelli instead.
Again for the singing it is the turn of Inder, of Indian origin, to whom a bank gives it Anna Pettinelli. The Paralympic champion Ambra Sabatini gave him the shirt.
It’s up to Giacomo. Prof Rudy Zerbi decides to send him in challenge by giving him the red envelope: “I give you this red envelope that we will soon fill and I hope you will have an opportunity to enter, who we will challenge is not difficult to understand”.

Touching tribute to Mike Bird. Maria De Filippi calls the dancers in the studio who dance to the notes of a song by the young man who died prematurely.

We move on to the dance
Giulia Stabile she is the “godmother” of aspiring dance students. Three young people performing for the “Latino” section.
Raimondo Todaro he chooses to keep two of them for a week Nunzio and Mattia to better understand who to entrust the bank to and so the jersey remains pending.

Serena is the second candidate for a dance bench. Celentano the ball and also criticizes the “physicist”, Todaro promotes her and gives her a bench. The shirt gives it to him Roberto Baggio.
Carola she is the new dance student, promoted by all three judges, but she is the one who gives her the bench Celentano and to deliver the shirt to her Tommaso Paradiso, guest in the studio with his new single “Magari no”, released on September 15th.
Raoul Bova
is the godfather of Mirko to whom he delivers the pupil’s shirt. It will be part of the class of Celentano, who chose him for “give him the satisfaction of taking the choreography home “, and a” chance for life, study and awareness because he didn’t have an easy life, so it’s definitely a gift “. The jersey, however, as explained by the teacher, will last only one month in which he will have to demonstrate what it really is worth. The energy and rhythm of Christian, the last candidate of the day for the dance, convince the maestro Raimondo Todaro! For him a bench.

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