Massimo Giletti: “I’m not a populist, I’m on the side of the people: complaints to weaken me” –

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The host returns to La7 from Wednesday 29 September with Non l’Arena: There is too much theater on TV, but I don’t do playback programs, so I am attacked

I haven’t started yet, but I’m already struggling with the lawsuits.

Who’s the lawsuit?

The record holder Arcuri, who reached five.

Why is he angry with her?

The power does not agree to be subjected to investigations and the first reaction to instill fear and therefore sue. the typical behavior of the boss: he wants to weaken you psychologically.

Massimo Giletti returns to La7 from Wednesday 29 with the new season of Not the Arena. From whom do you expect new complaints?
I always say that if you get complaints it means that you have done a good job. Of course it’s not easy mentally, you have to have the support of a publisher who believes in what you do because if you are left alone, you can handle the fight.

Do you ever make a mistake?

To date, I believe I have totaled about fifty trials and I have lost only one (for defamation) despite having been acquitted in the first instance and on appeal, but then the Supreme Court annulled the sentences and referred to the civilian. I think the numbers prove me right.

Does a lot of talk mean a good state of health of the information?

Quantity does not always correspond to quality. It seems to me that the world of TV is similar to that scene from Mulholland Drive in which when the singer passes out on stage and the music continues to go on everyone finally realizes that she was in playback. I believe that there is too much theater on TV, a theater in which everyone – even us conductors – plays a role. For me I don’t do playback programs, so I get attacked.

Out of the choir too?

Always, and the fact that I am attacked, I am isolated, swim alone in the middle of a magnum sea and come under guard, confirms this. But if anyone thinks it is my intention to back off, they are wrong. I change days, but I don’t change my ideas.

On Sunday Purgatori arrived with Atlantis, while she moves to Wednesday.

After 4 years I need new challenges. It is not easy to change the day, the habit of the spectators, for I want to be at the center of the week to be at the center of what is happening.

The talk show must make a mess, otherwise who watches it ?: agree with Confalonieri?
Depends on what we mean by casino. I disagree if we talk about noise, vulgar dialectic, placed. If, on the other hand, it is a question of raising the tone to break the mold and attack a system s; digging, investigating, deepening, disturbing the operator. One thing to raise your voice, another to raise the bar.

What do you respond to those who accuse you of being populist?

To investigate the failure to implement the pandemic plan be populist? Do investigations into the mafia and populism crime? I’m not in the buildings but enough with this label. I am with the people, not with the squares. I often say this to my parents: remember that the people between Barabbas and Jesus Christ chose Barabbas. So beware of the squares.

Instead, how do you reply to those who accused you of too much voyeurism on cases like that of Genovese?
The Genovese case tells much more than the news story itself; it tells of the cultural poverty of today’s young people, the lack of education in sentiment, the exasperation of pornography. It tells of terraces where you want everything and immediately, terraces that inevitably lead to a loss of values. We entered that world not out of morbidity, but to photograph its drift.

Right or not to give space to no vax?
I don’t give credit to no vax, but I think that listening to those who think differently is a duty of television. A certain liturgy must also be broken by hosting different opinions. You have to listen, but at the same time have the strength and the ability to contrast with the facts. I have never loved single thinking and television regimes.

It was done Not the Arena saying it was the last episode, there were rumors of his passage in Rai. What happened then?
all born from my personal malaise, my life changed since I lost my father and I ended up under guard. Something changed mentally, for a long time I had many doubts about what I wanted to do in my tomorrow. If I stayed at La7 for my relationship with President Cairo.

How does it feel to live under guard?
I think another question should be answered: why should anyone who talks about the Mafia have to be under guard? I am famous and people talk about me, but too many situations go unnoticed. We are a country that has a real problem and someone cannot continue to pretend not to notice it. On TV there is no longer talk of crime: why ?.

And personally what weighs you the most?

an emotion that you live inside of you and which is difficult to tell with words.

He feels alone?
well I would have expected more solidarity from some colleagues. But that’s not the point. Not a text message, sometimes rhetorical, that makes the difference. I was left alone in the battle against the release of the mafia that took place under Bonafede. And this loneliness made me become a goal.

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