Mauritius: 5,073 positive vaccines, of which 519 received only one dose

At the end of last week, the Minister of Health of Mauritius, Kailesh Jagutpal, revealed that 4,554 vaccinated Mauritians tested positive. More than 500 had received only one dose. Rodrigues Island, which is Safe Covid, has postponed the reopening of its borders to November 1, 2021.

updated on September 20, 2021 at 09:58 a.m.

Mauritius, which has been trying to do the best for more than a year and a half, like all countries in the world, is facing yet another wave of positive Covid tests. At his latest press conference, Health Minister Kailesh Jagutpal announced that 8,109 patients tested positive last week. 4,554 of these people had received two doses and 519 only one injection. The calculation is therefore 5,073 vaccinated for a total of 8,109 positive tests.

It is essential not to jump to a hasty conclusion! In all countries, specialists stressed that vaccination did not prevent being a carrier of the virus. It does not avoid transmitting it either, but it would protect serious forms. Mauritian statistics confirm this trend. Of the 43 deaths, directly linked to Covid (the ministry excludes victims with co-morbidities from its count), five people were vaccinated, writes Mauritius Express.

A third dose

The new wave of positive patients, most of whom have been vaccinated, does not surprise Houriiyah Tegally, a doctoral student in bioinformatics. She confided to the newspaper of the sister island: “We already had vaccines that were less effective than mRNA vaccines. And these vaccines were developed for the original strain of the virus.”, before concluding, “For now, it seems that the vaccine mix for the 3 th dose is more effective than administration of the same vaccine. It is now necessary to see on which combinations of vaccines, studies were carried out before launching the campaign for the 3 th dose”.

This reading of the facts is not that of the WHO (World Health Organization). Since August 18, 2021, the leaders of the international body believe that the emergency is not the third dose, but to treat areas with a vaccination rate of less than 20%, writes France24. They are mainly located in the poorest countries on the planet. Hoping to achieve collective immunity with unprotected people is impossible for WHO experts.

Rodrigues Island pushes back the reopening of its borders to November 1

Rodrigues Island is a Mauritian dependency. It is located 583 km east of the sister island. This isolation allows it to be a Safe-Covid territory. In order to protect themselves from the latest wave, the Rodriguan leaders finally opted for a reopening of the borders to commercial flights on November 1, 2021. Everyone hopes that by then, viral transmission will decrease.

In the meantime, the Rodriguans are preparing to reopen hotel structures and guest houses. For their part, the health services have set up specialized centers. One of the most important is in Mont-Lubin, written Mauritius Express. It has 36 beds. Mauritian doctors and nurses are helping their counterparts structure Covid sites, hoping they will be unnecessary.

The vaccination campaign continues. 5,000 doses of Sinopharm were delivered last Wednesday. 90% of the population should be vaccinated by the end of October 2021.

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