Mayoral returns to television with a campaign that highlights its environmental commitment

The children’s fashion brand Mayoral launches a new advertising campaign titled “Professions of the future” with which, on the one hand, it is advertised again on television after six years and, on the other, communicates its environmental commitment. Creativity is of Casanova Agency and media management, This is Media.

The ad links the imaginary professions of children with the need to take care of the environment

The centerpiece of the campaign is a spot in which several boys and girls are seen playing in a pleasant natural setting.
The images -which show them enjoying the landscape and the plants- and the rhythm of the performance convey pause and tranquility. At the same time, the accompanying text makes it clear from the beginning the environmental argument of the Bell: “Cloud counter, friend of the oceans, creator of new roads or architect of tree houses. We do not know what they will choose to be when they grow up, but we want them to do so on a better planet ”.

The announcement continues with the expression of Mayoral’s commitment that by 2025 50% of the firm’s collections will be made with sustainably sourced fabrics and ends with the phrase: “Together, we will continue to take care of the planet. Can you help us?

The campaign features 30- and 20-second television spots that will be broadcast in “prime time” in Spain and Portugal. In addition, the campaign will be present in online media, in the Mayoral chain of stores with point of sale material and on the company’s website. The advertiser informs that the estimated scope of the action is 30 million impacts.

The campaign once again gives Mayoral a presence on television, a medium from which the brand had been absent since 2015, when the campaign was broadcast. “Let’s learn from children”, created by The barracks.

Label for the environment

Mayoral identifies its environmental commitment with the label #ecofriends. He started it, according to the company itself, when several seasons ago he began working on sustainable collections. The objective of this process, as expressed in the spot, is that by 2025 50% of its collections contain fabrics of sustainable origin.

In this sense, the company specifies that it already includes in its garments organic cotton (fiber grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers), production cotton sustainable (chemical-free fiber and responsible production), frecycled fibers (obtained from recycled fabrics and materials) and repr (polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles), among other environmentally friendly fabrics.

The company is also working on gradually reducing the plastic on its labels and packaging, it uses 100% recycled paper bags in its chain of stores and in the collaborating multi-brand channel. Likewise, it dedicates efforts to cutting waste, incorporating eco-friendly materials and optimizing resources through recycling, reuse and energy savings.

Abundant in this line, Mayoral has been associated this year with the Higg Index, which, according to the company itself, is “A holistic measurement standard developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition that assesses social and environmental impacts, and drives the improvement of sustainability in the textile, apparel and footwear industry.” (Among its associated companies and brands are some as well-known as Amazon, Asos, Benetton, Camper, The English Court, H&M, Levi’s, Mango, Nike, Ralph Lauren and Zalando).

Mayoral designs, manufactures and sells fashion for children and children from 0 to 16. According to its own data, it markets its products in more than one hundred countries and has 245 of its own stores. The company is headquartered in Malaga.


  • Agency: Casanova Agency
  • Advertiser: Mayoral
  • Creative General Director: José Casanova
  • Art Director: Miguel Ángel Sánchez
  • Producer: Calera Studio
  • Director: María Vázquez
  • Director of Photography: Uri Rivero
  • Post-production: Calera
  • Media agency: This is Media


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