MBC News | New Corona Inundated with Free Inspections Medical Institutions Are Confusion

Inundation of applicants for free inspection of new corona Confusion at medical institutions[01/14 19:38]

As the infection of the new corona continues to spread, the prefecture is conducting free PCR tests and antigen tests for asymptomatic residents who feel anxious. However, the target medical institutions are flooded with applicants, causing confusion.

This is the Masumi Clinic in Meiwa, Kagoshima City. A man in his 50s was visiting for a free PCR test.

(People who received a free test) “I have a mother who needs long-term care on a remote island, so I’m worried if I don’t confirm that I’m not infected.”

The test results will be available in 10 minutes. In the meantime, the doctor will do the usual medical care.

(Director, Koichi Aoyama, Masumi Clinic) “I’m busy doing it alone, and sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing.”

The prefecture started free inspection from the 5th of this month after receiving confirmation of Omicron in the prefecture. However, it is said that there are cases where inspection requests are concentrated.
At this clinic, the number of applicants for a day has increased to nearly 20 people, which is 10 times the number before, because the examination, which normally costs about 10,000 yen, has become free. We are currently limited to 10 people a day because we will not be able to perform regular medical treatment.

(Director, Koichi Aoyama, Masumi Clinic) “I’m worried that if a cold comes, I’m worried that I’ll be able to get enough medical treatment. It is important to increase “

On the other hand, the Fukumoto Clinic in Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima City also accepts free inspections, but it is said that it is facing a certain problem.

(Dr. Kazuhiko Fukumoto, Fukumoto Clinic) “There are many tests, so there is a cost problem. As expected, it is unexpected.”

Specimens collected at the clinic are sent to a contractor for inspection, but the cost of the test kit is 7,700 yen per person, and the cost that the prefecture will pay later must be reimbursed by the clinic for the time being. At this clinic, the number of examinations has risen to nearly 100 people a day this month, and the payment for this month is expected to be over 6 million yen.
I participated in a free test to alleviate the anxiety of the citizens of the prefecture and prevent the spread of infection, but it is said that the cash flow is tight.

(Dr. Kazuhiko Fukumoto, Fukumoto Clinic) “I ask the contractor to wait for payment. I don’t have the financial resources. I’m not sure if I can do it for another month. “

As of the 13th, 53 facilities are registered for free inspections in the prefecture, 70% of which are hospitals and clinics. The prefecture says, “We want to reduce the burden on medical institutions by increasing the number of private testing centers and working with pharmacies.” In addition, regarding the examination fee that is being repaid by the medical institution, we will show the details of the application procedure within this month and hope to pay it as soon as possible.

Free tests that are becoming more important as the infection spreads and anxiety spreads. But how do you improve the system while reducing the burden on medical institutions? We are also facing difficult challenges.

In addition, the free test is for asymptomatic people, and not for people with symptoms or close contacts. The prefecture calls on people with symptoms to consult with their family doctor or consultation / consultation center by telephone.

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