Meaning, Characteristics, and How to Grow It

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JAKARTA, – “All employees must have a high work ethic.” This sentence may often be said by company officials to all employees.

It may also be posted on the wall as a reminder for employees to work optimally and give their best in every job they do. That is, can not be half-measure.

Work ethic must be in every employee. Then how to generate work ethic, especially for the lazy? Here’s the answer, as quoted from

What is a Work Ethic?

Work ethic is how high the enthusiasm of an employee in working. Not only to achieve their own work targets, but also team or organizational targets.

The high and low work ethic of employees becomes the superior’s assessment. That’s why work ethic is needed in the world of work.

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With a high work ethic, you will be considered productive, capable, and enthusiastic in doing any given job. This is what will set you apart from other employees.

Work ethic will lead you to success. Starting from salary increases, promotions, to bonuses and other benefits. Therefore, always maintain your work ethic so that your career will run smoothly.

To find out whether you have a high work ethic or not, these are the characteristics:

1. Typical employee initiative

The company has never forced its employees to do this and that, especially outside the job desk. However, the company always hopes that you will have the initiative in working so that you can contribute more to the company.

The company also doesn’t ask you to give ideas or ideas at meetings, but you need the initiative to give your best thoughts for the betterment of the company.

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Illustration of productive work.

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2. Can work with a team

In fact, not all employees are able to work together in teams. Some of them are even better if they are “single players”.

When invited to collaborate or work in a team, the results are less than optimal. Know that what you are doing is actually not for your own good, but for the common good.

Your work ethic is shown by the way you build communication with other employees, especially in solving a problem.

3. Responsible for the duties and work

Do you want to be an advanced employee or stuck? Back to their respective choices.

If you want your work ethic to improve, then take responsibility for what you do every day.

Get rid of the habit of procrastinating. Install the work little by little so you don’t get stuck and finish accordingly deadline.

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Tips for Cultivating a Work Ethic

1. Determine the work target you want to achieve

Having a target can increase your work ethic. Target is a picture of your achievement in something.

When the target is achieved, it means that your efforts at work can be said to be good. If one target is achieved, you have to set a new target again.

So, the achievements you have made are not just one, but many. Keeps you motivated to work until the target is actually achieved.


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2. Learn to be a good example

Work ethic is not only measured by a person’s work spirit, but also from his attitude and actions during work.

You have to be good so that you can be used as an example by other teammates. The method is simple, namely arriving on time, completing tasks according to or faster than the deadline, and being enthusiastic in every given job.

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3. Join colleagues who have a desire to grow

Do you believe that the environment can make a person better or worse? You can choose friends who have the same goal, namely both want to grow.

They definitely have a high work ethic. And you can get infected, catch a good ‘virus’. Can bring you to a change, or not lazy anymore at work.

4. Want to change

The last is learning to increase the will to change the work ethic maximally. Because the encouragement that the environment gives will not have a significant effect if you don’t want to change.

Not just want or want, but implement it to get rid of laziness, dependence on others, and other traits that erode your work ethic.

Good Work Ethic for Your Career Development

If you feel that your work ethic is still lacking, here are some tips to improve your work ethic that you can apply from now on. The point is, never feel comfortable at one level of work ethic.

The goal is that you can become a better employee in the future. For the sake of career development, ‘burn on’ your work ethic to make it more leverage.

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