metaverse – The Xbox holds its immersive museum

Posted23 November 2021, 21:02

Fans of the video game console are invited to go back in time with their avatar and find traces of their first games.

If the Xbox celebrates its 20th anniversary, the first prototype dates back to March 2000.


Immersive universes are definitely in fashion. Microsoft took advantage of the 20 years of the Xbox to release one to the glory of its video game console. The American company has developed an immersive experience with 132 posts retracing milestones in the history of the Xbox, often supplemented by an explanatory video. This is an opportunity to remember, for example, that the firm had unsuccessfully tried in 2000 to buy Nintendo, one of its two current competitors on consoles with Sony.

Personalized experience

Using a touchpad, mouse or keyboard keys, visitors can navigate through an avatar and (re) discover the history of the console. They find other internet users interacting with the digital objects on display and can follow the evolution from the original Xbox to the latest Xbox X / S line, including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Microsoft has taken care to flatter its regulars by inviting them to remember their first exploits. In particular, they can see how many titles they’ve played, when they first played, and when they first signed in to the Xbox Live service.

This immersive museum is in line with the concept of fashionable metaverse. Microsoft boss Satya Nadella had warned that the company had many potential metaverse, citing in particular the games “Minecraft” and “Flight Simulator”.


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