Microsoft behind buying a new big studio?

It is true that Microsoft always controls its environment and has never hidden its preferences when it comes to confirming that if good market opportunities emerge, they may be serious candidates for a purchase. Microsoft’s latest big buy for Xbox Game Studios It was Bethesda and since then no new movements have been known by the American company, but we repeat, this does not mean that Microsoft is not controlling the market.

In recent times, rumors have arisen again with the possibility that Microsoft is behind the acquisition of a new large study. There are many speculations at this time, but as always in this type of case we reiterate that you remain cautious and do not take this type of information as real, much less official.

Does Microsoft buy a new studio?

This time it was the streamer and content creator Skullzi He has shared details through social networks in which he affirms that he has received information about a new Microsoft acquisition.

I’ve heard some crazy rumors about another possible Microsoft acquisition. I do not want to go into details because I do not know if it is a confirmed news or not.

Speculations? As you can imagine many, the purchase of Take-Two, owners of the Grand Theft Auto saga and Red Dead Redemption among others, has been discussed again. On the other hand, the Ubisoft extreme has come out, something that we consider very unlikely, given the size of the French company with numerous studios around the world.

For the moment we insist on taking this information with the utmost caution and wait to see if any movements in this regard are made in the coming months. We remind you that the purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft was forged over years, so we cannot expect that if the information is true we will still have to wait some time ahead to know any details.

Microsoft behind buying a new big studio?  - Rumors around the purchase by Microsoft of another large study after the arrival of Bethesda return.

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