Microsoft Teams goes beyond screen sharing for real-time collaboration

What’s better than just sharing your screen with colleagues? Share live projects that everyone can edit at the same time. This is at the heart of Microsoft’s new Live Share feature, making it easier for Teams apps to enable real-time collaboration. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft announced plans to have Teams go to the site for collaborative apps last year. Live Sharing is based on the Fluid framework. Microsoft is trying to break up the traditional Document components, which are also the core of the Loop app file that debuted last fall.


Microsoft says that some partners, including Accenture,, and Hexagon, are already building Live Share experiences within Teams. It will take some time to learn how developers can benefit from Live Share, but given the rise of remote work over the past few years, it’s certainly an interesting way to spur more collaboration. Additionally, Microsoft announced a new Teams and Microsoft 365 SDK, as well as the general availability of the Fluid Framework, both of which should make it easier for developers to bring their apps to the company’s cloud offerings.

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