miMovistar: is it really a unique service for each person?

In a market as changing as that of telecommunicationsin Spain we have been living a certainty for decades: Movistar It has been a leader from the moment it launched its first mobile phone service to the present day. But, in such a competitive sector, the company is aware that, in order to maintain its position, it must develop an innovative offer that adapts to changes in user needs.

Since the month of May, Movistar starts up miMovistar. The evolution of the historical FUSIÓN that integrates connectivity, television, cloud services, devices and, as a novelty in the market, technological services for the home.

With this launch, Movistar marks a milestone in the telecommunications sector. It is the only operator that offers the user a unprecedented level of customization. And then you will know why.

Total customization, modifiable at any time

Con miMovistarthe customer can choose from a large number of options in each independent section, so that the number of possible combinations is enormous and the user pays only for what he needs. Besides, modify the package by adding or removing options It is possible at any time, without any type of permanence.

In this article, we want to check if the objective is met for three different user profiles who only have one thing in common: they want to use technology as a means to stay in touch with their loved ones and make their lives easier.

We have only set one condition: each profile will choose an option from the different categories, although it must be made clear that this is not necessary and that, in the personalization of the service, it is possible not to contract television, devices or extra services.

Young professional, uses technology to connect with the world

  • Name: Sandra.
  • Age: 31 years.
  • Profesión: freelance programmer.

Connectivity: Sandra is very fond of online video games and plays with a community of gamers who form a team. choose for it Mobile fiber 1 GB + 2 unlimited mobile lines. A symmetrical connection as fast as possible, and two mobile lines because he likes to separate his work communications from his personal ones.

Television: Among the Movistar Plus+ Essential options, Sandra chooses Fiction with Netflix x4to enjoy Netflix and Disney+ on any of the screens you drive throughout the day.

Device: Sandra already has a wide variety of electronic devices and was thinking not to choose any (since it is not required). But she is finally going to make the leap to the new generation of consoles with Xbox Series S. This way you can alternate the games on your computer with the games on the TV.

Home Services: Sandra is going to take advantage of the fact that miMovistar offers a subscription to the Microsoft service Xbox GamePass Ultimate and thus enjoy its extensive catalog of video games on your PC and on your new console.

Working mother with little girl, wants a practical package

  • Name: Natalie.
  • Age: 41 years.
  • Profession: lawyer

Connectivity: Natalia was already very happy with the symmetrical 300 Mb connection offered by the FUSIÓN program. Now with miMovistar she is going to save by customizing her package, but she keeps Mobile fiber 300 Mb + another mobile line 30 GBwhich allows her to telecommute comfortably and offers more than enough data on her mobile and that of her partner.

Television: Although she does not have much time to devote to television, Natalia has finally opted for the package Fiction with Netflixbecause it includes Disney+ for her daughter, and Natalia and her partner will be able to choose from a large number of movies and series in their leisure time.

Device: Natalia is going to take the opportunity to change one of her main work tools, her laptop, choosing a Lenovo V15which has the characteristics that she is looking for: 8 GB of RAM to run all her programs with solvency and an SSD hard drive to guarantee her speed.

Home Services: Natalia will opt for the service Essential Alarmdesigned for a home like yours: a mezzanine with a single access point.

Working father with a teenage son, wants a family package and watch sports

  • Name: Andrew.
  • Age: 50 years.
  • Profession: dentist.

Connectivity: Andrés and his partner want to solve their Internet connection and the mobile lines of the whole family in a single package. Thus, choose Fiber 1 Gb – Unlimited Mobile Line + 2 mobile lines with 30 GB of data. With this option, your child has all the connection speed he needs, and all three of them have mobile lines with enough data.

Television: To Movistar Plus+ Essential, Andrés adds all footballthe option with First and Second Division, UEFA Champions and Europa League and several foreign leagues.

Device: Andrés had been thinking about changing his television for some time, so he is going to select a device, a television LG Smart TV 55 VQ80006LBto enjoy movies and sports with your family on a good screen.

Home Services: Andrés and his partner have decided to contract the option Movistar Healtha telemedicine service that covers the whole family and includes unlimited general medicine consultations, medical prescriptions, consultations with specialists, follow-up with nutritionists and the Get in Shape program.

miMovistar: the choice is made in a few clicks

These three examples are a sample of miMovistar’s customization possibilities. And it is also important to point out that the company has managed to present the contracting options in a online configurator that allows you to choose with simplicity and clarity, and always seeing the global price which means adding services.


In its portal, in addition, miMovistar also shows the three bestseller configurationsthe ones that clients contract the most, in case we want to contract them directly or make some modifications.

Of course, miMovistar maintains the top-level services that we already knew from FUSIÓN, such as the 5G mobile telephonythe Movistar Plus + UHD decoder or unlimited cloud storage, among others.

A step forward in the commercialization of telecommunications services

With the launch of FUSIÓN in 2012 and the integration of telephone, Internet and Television into a single pack, Movistar took a very important step in the marketing of telecommunications services in Spain.

Now miMovistar goes further, and shows that the company understands that each person’s relationship with technology is personal and different and, above all, that its customers see technology as a means to an end: communicate easily and effectively with yours and share content and services with them.

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