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Miranda and the Beat announce Self-Titled album out May 26 via Ernest Jenning Record Co. / King Khan’s Khannibalism label

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It’s time to rejoice music fans, because Miranda and the Beat have announced the highly anticipated launching of their upcoming self-titled album! Set to be released on the 26th of May and released through Ernest Jenning Record Co. and King Khan’s Khannibalism label, this album promises to be an exciting mix of both traditional and modern sounds. With their uniquely soulful and powerful music, Miranda and the Beat are set to bring something truly captivating to their listeners.

1. Rising Duo Miranda and the Beat Ready for Takeoff

Miranda and the Beat are due for a meteoric rise in the music industry. Consisting of vocalist Miranda and beat-maker Simon, this duo from the East Coast has been making waves since the early days of 2021 with singles like “Dancing in the Rain” and “Happy Now”. Her sunny, signature voice and his slick, hip-hop-inspired beats possess a contagious energy and lively feel.

When it came to making their latest EP, the duo pushed their creative boundaries and tried to tackle genres outside their comfort zone. As a result, the EP burst with influences from different styles, such as jazz, R&B and soul. This creative risk paid off – they’ve already gained recognition from outlets like Pitchfork and Spin Magazine, and have even performed in front of a strong audience at the renowned Shortridge Music Festival.

What sets this pair apart is their unique combination of technical skill and prolific passion. Miranda and the Beat have a genuine drive to make music that speaks to audiences and allows them to express themselves. Plus, their close friendship is more than just for show; it undeniably spills into their music and can be felt at every live show.

2. Get Ready for Miranda and the Beat’s Self-Titled Album

Miranda and the Beat is ready to take the music scene by storm and their brand-new self-titled album is the best way to kickstart their career! Fans of Latin-inspired music and fresh vibes are in for a treat. Here is why you should give it a listen:

  • Flamenco-inspired beats: From the catchy hooks to the melodies of flamenco guitars, Miranda and the Beats have created a truly unique sound.
  • Passion-filled lyrics: Their lyrics are heartfelt and packed with emotion, and their ability to create captivating stories with lyrics is unparalleled.
  • Breathtaking melodies: They combine traditional Latin-inspired instruments with modern production techniques, making their music an enchanting and captivating experience.

Miranda and the Beat’s self-titled album will definitely be a standout this year and is a must-listen for all music lovers. From its eclectic mix of Latin influences to its catchy hooks, this album is sure to be a hit! Be sure to check out their self-titled album and join Miranda and the Beat on their journey.

3. May 26: Date to Remember for Miranda and the Beat

Ushering in a new season of togetherness, Miranda and the Beat celebrated the memorable date May 26. In their married bliss, the couple planned to enjoy a romantic dinner underneath the stars. Seated at the renovated barn, gentle wind blew across the rustic background bringing goosebumps to their skin as they kissed.

To make their night even more special, a few of the couple’s friends had made sure to add surprises to their meal and a surprise awaits at the end of the night. The dinner comprised of a visual grandeur of dishes such as a glazed vegetable terrine, succulent chicken with mashed potatoes and honey-roasted carrots, and a tantalizing custard pie for dessert. Complementing the dinner was

  • a lively selection of drinks
  • delectable fruit platters
  • and a special cocktail, crafted by the couple themselves


4. King Khan’s Khannibalism: Presenting Miranda and the Beat’s Stunning Debut

King Khan’s Khannibalism: Presenting Miranda and the Beat’s Stunning Debut

Miranda and the Beat is the perfect fusion of funk and punk, melded together by the ferocious talents of its all-star ensemble. The band is the brainchild of King Khan, the legendary kingpin of funk and punk rock royalty. This quartet of musical heavyweights has come together to create a sound like no other.

The driving force behind the band is King Khan’s dazzling musicianship and captivating performance. His lightning-fast fretwork and soulful vocals are the perfect foil to the edge and power provided by the rest of the group. Red-hot riffs and pounding rhythms blaze their way through the air, as Miranda and the Beat create a musical wonderland. Fans of funk and punk will have plenty of new favorites to add to their collection thanks to the debut album of Miranda and the Beat. Featuring:

  • King Khan’s legendary guitar shredding
  • A thunderous rhythm section
  • Lyrical trickery and vocal acrobatics
  • Gripping, soul-stirring solos

It’s truly something special to witness the musical magic of Miranda and the Beat. With King Khan at the helm, there’s no telling what the band has in store for us – but one thing’s for sure – it’s sure to be an unforgettable ride. Miranda and the Beat have finally shared their self-titled album, a collection of songs that blends diverse genres and layers of emotion to create a truly unique listening experience. From the folk-rock of “Love Can’t Get Lost” to the thrashing instrumental finale of “Throw Away the Key,” Miranda and the Beat have crafted something special to share with the world. It’s out this May 26 via Ernest Jenning Record Co. and King Khan’s Khannibalism label, and we can’t wait to hear what other kinds of music and stories Miranda and the Beat have to tell!

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