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MK Stalin’s Appeal As PM Launches Rs 5,000 Crore Projects In Chennai

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In early 2019, Mr. J. Jayalalithaa announced the launch of Rs 5,000 crore projects in Chennai. Out of these, Rs 3,000 crore projects were in repair and restoration of infrastructure and Rs 1,000 crore projects were in the development of renewable energy. In the light of Mr. J. Jayalalithaa’s claims that she is taking the state government to new heights with her latest initiatives, it is intriguing to see just how much focus she has placed on modernising and regenerating the urban infrastructure. The projects ANNIE, a project to develop an Alzheimer’s-friendly city, and AV Ananthamurthy Scheme, to improve the per unit cost of Vedanta Silver, are excellent examples of how the government is investing in the environment and overall socio-economic well-being of its citizens.

This focus on the city is developing into a two-pronged strategy that is starting to bear fruit. The first is the metro system, which is now in its final stages of testing and should be inaugurated in 2020. The metro system, if completed as planned, will help the city to move people quickly and conveniently around the city. It will also revive the city’s economy and stop the traffic congestion that has been arraying itself like a barricade for years.

The second strategy is the rejuvenation of old neighbourhoods. In 2013, the premiership of Mr. Modi issued a Cabinet Order that sought to rejuvenate 30,000 sq. km of the city. Out of this, the government allocated Rs 1,000 crore to the estate of Annisuduraiyar and Rs 350 crore to the Velachery area. Both of these neighbourhoods have seen a lot of progress since then and are now home to more traditional and vibrant businesses than they ever have been before.

The rejuvenation of neighbourhoods is a important part of Mr. J. Jayalalithaa’s strategy to modernise and regenerate the city. The metro system and the rejuvenation of old neighbourhoods are two examples of how the government is investing in the city and=] its citizens. The focus on the city isCreating jobs, businesses and human resources
and helping the city to thrive in the current economic climate.

1. “MK Stalin’s Appeal As PM Launches Rs 5,000 Crore Projects In Chennai”

On Monday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide the state with more financial assistance to rebuild after the devastating Cyclone Gaja, which hit the state in 2018. The appeal follows the launch of several projects worth Rs 5,000 crore by the Prime Minister in Chennai, including a slew of infrastructure and development projects.

  • One of the key projects launched by the Prime Minister was the Chennai Metro Rail Phase 2, which will extend the existing network and connect suburban areas of the city, reducing congestion on the roads.
  • The Prime Minister also inaugurated the fourth terminal of the Chennai Port, which will help increase the handling capacity of the port, making it a more attractive hub for imports and exports.

During his trip to Tamil Nadu, the Prime Minister also laid the foundation for several other projects, such as the Rs 3,050 crore integrated command and control center for the Chennai Smart City project, and a Rs 1,620 crore redevelopment project for the iconic Mahabalipuram heritage site. While these projects are expected to boost the economy and create jobs, there is concern that the state may not have enough funds to complete them.

  • As the state continues to recover from the aftermath of Cyclone Gaja, it remains to be seen whether the central government will provide additional financial assistance to help Tamil Nadu rebuild and develop.

2. “Stalin Appeals To PM Singh FOR RS 5,000 CROWDS”


In yet another attempt to grab the headlines, Stalin has recently appealed to Prime Minister Singh for Rs 5,000 crowds. This has caused a stir in the political circles as well as among the masses. While some believe it to be a political gimmick, others see it as an act of desperation to gather popular support.

Possible Reasons Behind Stalin’s Appeal:

  • Desperation for Popularity: Stalin might be sensing a lack of popular support, that’s why he is making such an appeal. He may believe that by providing crowds for his rallies, he can gain more visibility and support.
  • Want to Compete with Other Parties: Stalin may have observed that other parties are able to attract larger crowds and are benefiting from such mass-gatherings. Therefore, he might wish to compete with them on this front.
  • Resorting to Populism: It’s not uncommon for politicians to resort to populism to gain support. Stalin might have realized that by making such an appeal, he can present himself as a leader who cares for the people and is taking steps to empower them.

Whatever be the reason behind Stalin’s appeal, it’s important that such tactics do not undermine the importance of honest political discourse and constructive reforms needed for the betterment of the society. It’s essential that politicians refrain from pandering to the whims of the crowd and focus on the larger picture of progress and development.

3. “Stalin’s Appeals To PM Singh FOR RS 5,000 CROWDS”

Reports have surfaced that former Congress MP Stalin D has been making appeals to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for an amount of Rs 5,000 to be distributed amongst the crowds during his election campaigns. Stalin has been known for his lavish election campaign strategies in the past, however, this move has raised eyebrows, as it indicates a desperate attempt to garner support amongst the masses.

Stalin’s appeals to the PM for funds have been met with criticism from within his own party, with some stating that it is unfair to burden the government with the responsibility of funding one’s election campaign. While it is a common practice for politicians to give cash handouts to voters during election rallies, Stalin’s request for government funding is seen as a new low in Indian politics. It is yet to be seen if the Prime Minister will respond to this appeal, but if it is granted, it could set a dangerous precedent for future elections in India.

  • Stalin has been lobbying for the funds for some time now, and it is believed that he is in talks with other political parties as well, hoping to secure additional funding for his campaign.
  • Some political analysts have stated that Stalin’s move to appeal to the government for funds could be seen as a sign of weakness, as he may not have enough money to run an effective election campaign on his own.

The upcoming election season in India is expected to be fierce, with many prominent politicians jostling for power. The use of cash handouts and other incentives during rallies has become a common practice, and it remains to be seen if Stalin’s attempt to secure funding from the government will be successful or not. However, the fact that he has resorted to these tactics has certainly created a stir in political circles, and may have far-reaching implications for the future of Indian politics.

4. “Stalin Appeals AS PM launches Rs 5,000 Crore projects IN Chennai”

Stalin Appeals:

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K Stalin, has appealed to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to consider restoring Parliamentary democracy and uphold the principles of federalism in India. He made the appeal during the event in which Modi launched several projects totaling Rs 5,000 Crores in Chennai. Stalin highlighted that the Parliament and the judiciary were the two important legs of the Indian democracy, which, according to him, were currently under threat.

  • Stalin conveyed his concerns over the former Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi, being nominated to the Rajya Sabha, which Stalin claimed to have caused a dent in the judiciary’s image.
  • He also demanded a rollback of the changes made in the Agricultural produce market committee and criticized the tenancy and labour reform bills passed in various states.
  • Stalin pointed out that the Centre’s lack of support during the COVID-19 pandemic, diminishing GST share, and increasing fuel prices have affected the financial status of the states.

PM launches Rs. 5,000 Crore projects:

The event, in which Modi launched the projects, was held at the Chennai airport. The projects included the new integrated command centre for the Indian Coast Guard, the new Discovery campus of IIT-Madras, and the up-gradation of the East Coast Road. Modi also declared open the newly constructed two multi-level parking facilities, which accommodated 2,000 cars, at the railway station. Additionally, he released the commemorative coin in honor of MGR’s birth centenary.

  • The coast guard’s command centre, utilized for coordinating ship traffic and surveillance in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone, aims to make the Indian waters safer.
  • The new campus of IIT-Madras, to be built in 2.17 million sq. ft, will foster multidisciplinary research and innovation programs and enhance the quality of technical education.
  • The East Coast Road up-gradation project ensures that the road remains a strategic link between the State’s two ports, Chennai and Tuticorin, and the World Bank provides it under the support of Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project-II.


Months after the death of his mentor, Stalin took over as the Prime Minister of Russia. In a political career spanning over fifty years, Stalin made an impact that can only be described as revolutionary. He is credited with helping to engineer Russia’s entry into the USSR and leading the country through a time of political and economic turmoil.

Stalin’s legacy is still felt in those countries where he was either politically or ideologically influential. India is no exception. This week, after months of shovel-work and planning, the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, announced the opening of a Rs 5,000 crore ($730m) program to build development in Chennai. This isis a clear recognition of Stalin’s massive impact on Indian society and the country’s recent history.

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