“My goal is to take care of Saint-Étienne”

Published on : 21/09/2021 – 11:43

A very serious candidate for the takeover of AS Saint-Etienne, the Cambodian prince Norodom Ravichak has officially deposited a deposit of 100 million with the consulting firm KPMG, the body filtering applications for the takeover of the French football club. He wished to speak to explain his ambitions and to clear up certain misunderstandings. Exclusive interview.

RFI: Prince, in recent days, your name has been mentioned for the takeover of AS Saint-Étienne. Can you officially confirm your interest?

SAR Norodom Ravichak : Before answering your questions, I would like to make an important clarification concerning certain erroneous information which has been disseminated by the press in recent days. As the Ministry of the Royal Palace of Cambodia has rightly pointed out, there is no crown prince in my country. Cambodia is an elective constitutional monarchy whose sovereign is chosen by a Council of the Throne. For my part, I am a Cambodian prince among others. This clarification is close to my heart because I deeply respect the King and the Constitution of my country.

To answer your question now, it is correct that I officially applied to take over AS Saint-Étienne.

Has the Saint-Étienne club always been your first option?

I am passionate about football and I grew up being enthusiastic about the French championship and of course for the French team. This is how I have always had a particular affection for ASSE, which occupies a special place among the very big clubs in France.

Thanks to my various business networks, I was able to meet personalities from the world of football and gradually learn about the ASSE sales project a few months ago.

My goal today is to take care of Saint-Étienne and all those who work so that this club finds its place in French and European football.

Have you long dreamed of taking the helm of a football club?

I’ve always dreamed of it but the opportunity presented itself with a club that is very dear to me so I decided to do everything to seize it.

Under what conditions do you plan to apply? Would economic partners accompany you in this adventure?

It’s true. I bring with me strong partners that I will introduce when the time comes.

What would your objectives be if your file is finally accepted?

I am not coming to carry out a financial transaction. I want to invest in the long term and take care of ASSE. If we come to an understanding, I will provide sufficient resources to achieve these ambitions and allow Saint-Étienne to regain its splendor.

Beyond that, I also want to promote French football and Ligue 1 in Asia by highlighting ASSE. I am thinking in particular of developing academies, a strong point of ASSE, in my country, Cambodia, and in other countries on the Asian continent. In doing so, we will also help promote the city of Saint-Étienne and its region abroad. My ambition for Saint-Étienne is national and international.

When do you think you can move forward on this file?

As soon as possible, I hope.

And the most important of course: go the Greens !!!


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