Nagui comes out of silence and comments on the audiences of his show in a video

The second episode of The Artist was followed by just under a million viewers. Nagui spoke about this terrible audience flop in a video posted Sunday, September 19 on Instagram.

This Saturday, September 18 in the evening, France 2 broadcast the second episode of the show The Artist. The new program produced and presented by Nagui faced in particular The Voice All Stars, on TF1. And after the launch flop, followed by just 1.32 million people the previous week (8% market share), La Deux’s talent contest did even worse, falling below the one million viewer mark. Indeed, 990,000 curious watched the program (5.6% market), while they were more than 4.3 million in front The Voice. France 2 was then fifth in the ranking of prime time audiences, behind TF1, France 3 with his TV movie The Mysteries of the majorettes, M6 who broadcast Dr Harrow and even France 5 which proposed a new number ofClose call.

“For TV, it’s not very good”

After having read the audiences communicated every day by Médiamétrie, Nagui a decided to speak, this Sunday, September 19, in a video posted on Instagram. “Almost a million of you watched number two of The Artist“, began the TV host, who recalls that this represents “60 Bercy packed”. “It’s great when we sing new songs, when we are not known and we do everything to be known. I think of the artists who have performed, most for TV, it’s not super good, we’re not going to lie to each other “, continued the husband of Mélanie Page, by evoking the “errors and attempts [qu’il] committed “ during the broadcast.

Stars invited to the third issue of The Artist

“I fully assume them”, Nagui added, before defending his program, his “very essence (…), [son] ADN” which consists of pushing in the light of “songwriters and performers who come to sing their own songs”. “It’s only novelty, only creation, it has never been done and there may be a reason … But in any case, it’s risky! This risk, we have assumed. “, claimed the presenter, ensuring that Internet users who followed the broadcast of the second issue of The Artist felt it was “much better” than the first episode. Then thanking France 2, who trusts him, but also His public, the father of Nina, Adrien, Roxane and Annabel, made an appointment with his fans on Saturday, September 25, for the third issue of his show, which will take place in the presence of Gaëtan Roussel, Black Eyed Peas, Pascal Obispo and Bénabar. “New can be good. I’m counting on you”, developed the former star of Everyone wants to take its place.

Despite this failure, The Artist should therefore remain on the air next week. What next? Recall that the show is supposed to be broken down into six prime time, offered live on France 2, accompanied by a daily, during the week, at 8 p.m. on France 4.

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