NASA chief scientist to retire in 2022

NASA is about to end an important chapter in its history. Chief Scientist Jim Green, who has worked at the agency for over 40 years, is now planning to retire Early 2022. He began developing the NASA Internet Equivalent (Space Physics Analysis Network) shortly after arriving in 1980, but is best known for overseeing some of NASA’s largest space exploration projects in the last 15 years – probably well aware of his work.

Green directed NASA’s Division of Planetary Science during curiosity landing In 2012, he played a major role in promoting and explaining the Mars rover to the public. He also took on a leadership role during Juno’s investigation investigating Jupiter, courier Tur Mercury Dawn A visit to Ceres and new horizons’ Pluto’s historic trajectory. The world also ignites a green plan for determination The rover is currently roaming Mars.

It is not yet clear who will replace Green, although it will help in the search for his successor. However, it was safe to say that he would have a healthy legacy. He curated missions and made them publicly accessible — he helped explain why Curiosity, New Horizons, and other vehicles were so interesting. If you are pursuing a career in space science, Greene’s work can be an inspiration to you.

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