Nasal spray vaccine against Alzheimer’s will be tested for the first time on humans

the Brigham and Women’s Hospital from Boston, USA, will perform the first tests on humans of a nasal spray vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease, indicated Business Insider November 24.

For more than twenty years, trials of treatments and drugs have been carried out to fight Alzheimer’s disease. In France, 225,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and nearly a million people are believed to be affected by the disease. Yet some large pharmaceutical industries have literally thrown in the towel in this common goal of developing treatments against Alzheimer’s. The only viable treatments currently make it possible to reduce the symptoms of the disease, such as memory loss, insomnia, loss of language or reasoning skills, for a short time. But conclusive tests carried out in Boston could revive the research.

Last week the Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston announced the establishment of the first human trial of a nasal spray vaccine designed to prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. The trial will be carried out on 16 people aged 60 to 85 years with symptoms of the disease; two doses of the vaccine will be given to them one week apart. The vaccine was developed after decades of research postulating that stimulating the immune system could clear the beta-amyloid plaques in the brain, characteristic of Alzheimer’s. The accumulation of these plaques in nerve cells disrupts an individual’s reasoning ability and memory.

The vaccine injects a medicine called Protollin in the nasal passage, which then allows immune cells to clear the harmful plaques. According to Jeffrey Cummings, a neurologist at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, the concept is not new, but it is very promising. « The idea of ​​activating immune cells is becoming increasingly central to the idea of ​​treating Alzheimer’s disease “, did he declare. For the professor, a nasal spray seems more effective than an infusion or an inhaler. The results of the trial will be crucial in understanding the disease and how to treat it, but researchers must first demonstrate that the vaccine is not dangerous for humans.

Last week, a team of British and German researchers succeeded in developing an experimental treatment against Alzheimer’s disease that has restored the memory of mice. The treatment could also lead to a vaccine. « I feel like we’ve reached a milestone “Said Jeffrey Cummings, praising medical prowess in the fight against disease.

Source : Business Insider

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