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NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson announces bid for governor at Alamance County rally

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Governor Mark Robinson also announced his bid for office at a Alamance County rally on

NORWALK, Ohio – As the campaign kicked off Friday with loud and Arenany rallies, Mark Robinson announced his bid for state controller and said he’s made a case )))&$%^'()§'()*$)$$$”()*$”()*$”()*$”()*$”()*


He trails Shumer by a plausibly large amount in fundraising and say he will bring government back to Washington, D.C.

mark Robinson announced his bid for governorship at a Alamance county rally on Saturday. style

Mark Robinson, a lieutenant governor in the bosom of the Wayne CountyDiscussion, announced his bid for the state controller’s office on Saturday at an Alamance County rally. style

Mark Robinson is an announced candidate for the state controller’s office. Mark Robinson is an announced candidate for the state controller’s office.


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Mark Robinson, N C Lt. Gov

Mark Robinson is the first African-American to be elected as North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor. Prior to his election, Robinson gained recognition at a Greensboro City Council meeting in April 2018, where he delivered a passionate speech concerning the city’s proposed gun control measures. The video went viral and helped Robinson secure the nomination.

As Lt. Governor, Robinson has used his platform to amplify his conservative views. He is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and has advocated for educational freedom, school choice, and vocational education. He also formed the “I Support Law Enforcement” initiative to show his support for police officers and has worked to combat human trafficking in North Carolina.

  • Initiatives launched by Mark Robinson after becoming Lt. Governor:
    • I Support Law Enforcement initiative
    • NC Free Enterprise Foundation
    • First in FAFSA initiative
    • Combating human trafficking in NC

Overall, Mark Robinson has been a vocal and active leader in North Carolina politics. While some have criticized his conservative views, Robinson remains a popular figure in the state and continues to advocate for what he believes is in the best interest of North Carolinians.

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Governor Mark Robinson of North Carolina announcement his bid for office at the Alamance County rally.

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