Neither the owners nor the customers respect the laws! Police also broke a baptism: They gave fines and prepared a criminal file – News by sources

The police officers drew up a criminal case under the aspect of committing the crime of thwarting the fight against diseases and imposed fines amounting to 6,000 lei at a baptism party organized on Friday evening in a restaurant in Brăila, according to a press release sent by IPJ Braila.

The policemen, together with representatives from the Brăila County Gendarme Inspectorate, the Brăila Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate, the Brăila Public Health Directorate, the Brăila Territorial Labor Inspectorate, local firefighters and police officers carried out verification actions, with increased numbers, the entire county, in order to comply with the prohibitions imposed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, writes

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On this occasion, on Friday evening, at a restaurant in Brăila County, the police found that a private event was taking place, a baptism, attended by almost 40 people.

In this case, two contravention sanctions were applied, amounting to 3,000 lei each, both to the event organizer and to the company administrator, according to Law no. 55/2020 on some measures to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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At the same time, a criminal file was drawn up under the aspect of committing the crime of thwarting the fight against diseases, being taken measures to enter into legality, the development of the event being interrupted.



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