New generation eLEAP screen panel technology exposure: longer service life, twice as bright as traditional OLED! |TV Information

According to display manufacturer Japan Display, they are developing a new OLED display panel technology called eLEAP, which has three times the lifespan of current OLEDs and twice the output brightness. Japan Display was established as early as 2011, mainly supplying display modules for iPhone and iWatches screens! The new technology can improve the light transmittance ratio of each pixel, from 28% of traditional OLED to 60% of eLEAP, making the picture brighter and darker! The new panel also emits less heat, effectively reducing burn-in and physical aging problems, and has three times the lifespan of OLED! Expect the new technology to be applied to TV screens, tablets, smartphones, and more! Japan Display is now collaborating with TV manufacturers and plans to start testing sample units by the end of 2022!


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