New M7 metro makes first meters on Amsterdam metro network

The GVB has started testing the brand new M7 metro on the existing metro network. Tonight the metro made the first meters at walking pace.

The tests check whether the new metro has enough space on the track and does not touch anything such as platforms or poles. Although all calculations have been made for this, practice must show whether this is also correct, according to the GVB.

When the first tests are done, the speed is slowly increased. The vehicle’s response is always monitored, for example in bends, on bumps and in tunnels. The new metro security system (CBTC) is also an important part of the tests, because the M7 can only drive with the new system. This new security system has caused major disruptions in recent months.

In total, the GVB has ordered thirty new M7 metros. The metros are very similar to the current M5/M6 metros. The biggest difference is that the new M7 metros are less long at 60 meters. The current M5/M6 metros are 116 meters long. At busy times, the transport company will use coupled vehicles.

The first M7 metro arrived a month ago from Spain, where manufacturer CAF is located. The GVB expects to be busy with testing for at least another year.

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