New PlayStation 5 model CFI-1100 “as good” as the launch model

Has Sony Interactive Entertainment turned the PlayStation 5’s cost screw too much? – (C) PlayStation, YOU, – YouTube Austian Evans – Image montage: DG

The excitement was in vain! – According to a PlayStation 5 YouTube video that claimed the new one PS5-Modell (CFI-1100) Digital Foundry is now reporting that it is worse than the launch model of the Sony console there are hardly any obstacles.

Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry concludes that while there have been changes to the internal components of the new PS5 model, the result is “reassuringly not controversial,” adding:

“The differences between the old and the new PlayStation 5 are minimal, to say the least.”

The YouTuber Austin Evans claimed that the new model is a deterioration from the launch version of the PlayStation 5. Sony decided to significantly reduce the console’s cooling system in particular.

The new model has a smaller heat sink, and Evans’ temperature test – which measured only the exhaust vents and not the internal components – indicated that the new model gave off about 3 ° C more heat than the launch model.

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PlayStation 5: CFI-1100 model is lighter and has different internal components, nothing more!

After Evans made his claim, a week later there was a video from Hardware Busters who concluded that the CPU of the new model actually runs cooler than the launch model of the PlayStation 5, despite the smaller heat sink. The memory on the new model was however hotter.

Richard Leadbetter’s report for Digital Foundry Working with deep dive hardware analyst Gamers Nexus, it appears to be drawing a line under the debate by stating that the differences between the two systems are negligible:

“Temperatures on the voltage regulators have improved, memory temperatures are better and worse than others in some ways (but still only a few degrees difference overall), and while the main processor can be a few degrees hotter, there is no evidence of this.” has everything to worry about, provided you keep your PS5 in a well-ventilated area. “


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Endurance test with a new model

Leadbetter put the PS5 CFI-1100 in a media cabinet with little airflow. The console used around 200W in 2 hours but didn’t run hot that it crashed. The PS5 continues to play until it reaches a certain maximum temperature, as the test showed. But it doesn’t slow down. So there are frame rate drops or something else just because it is the new model number with a smaller heat sink.

The “conclusion” from the story: Sony has been working on the cooler design, the PS5 has been simplified on some points internally and it runs cooler or hotter than the first Leek version in some cases. For the most part, however, they are the same, as a player you will not notice any differences. That’s the main thing!

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