New VAR revolution: experiment to automate offside | Football

The system consists of cameras on the roof of the stadium. Using tracking data, both the offside line and the moment of hitting the ball can be passed on almost live to the so-called replay operator, someone who sits behind the TV screens. He then has the option to show the images directly to the VAR.

“Technology is very important and useful in both match preparation and the decision-making process during matches,” said Referee Chief Pierluigi Collina. “In an offside incident, the decision is made after analyzing not only the position of the players, but also their involvement in the action. Technology can draw a line, but the judgment of a situation remains in the hands of the referee.”

Lost a lot of time

When determining whether there is offside, a lot of time is regularly lost, to the dismay of supporters, television viewers and the players and trainers themselves.

The Arab Cup is played in Qatar and lasts from November 30 to December 18. National coach Bert van Marwijk is participating in that tournament with the United Arab Emirates. The World Cup starts in less than a year.

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