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The Los Angeles Lakers (9-10), who had been hit by the New York Knicks (10-8) from the first minutes, fell into a huge pit from which they could no longer break out.

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Frank Vogel’s students, who played without LeBron James, recovered from a 24-point deficit, but eventually fell in New York 100:106 (20:36, 31:27, 30:20, 19:23).

The Lakers have been without a LeBron for the first time in their careers, who have been disqualified for a single match following an incident in Detroit with Isaiah Stewart.

The Los Angeles team lost the first half at 20:36, and in the middle of the second quarter the gap reached a record 24-point mark (35:59).

Russello Westbrook’s blood spilled on the stretch as the defender crashed into the Knicks’ penalty area and collided with Quentin Grimes. Blood came out of the Lakers basketball player and a personal foul was recorded against the Knicks.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Carmelo Anthony’s long shot brought the Lakers closer to 84:85, but Vogel’s army found no antidote to the enraged player Immanuel Quickley.

The 22-inch defender scored 12 of his 14 points in the quarter and helped the Knicks regain a double-digit lead (105: 93), which allowed them to maintain control until the end of the match.

Frenchman Evan Fournier played for 42 minutes, scoring 26 points (2/5 double, 6/9 trit, 4/4 penalty).

Julius Randle’s account – 20 points (6/12 double, 1/5 trit., 5/8 penalty).

Carmelo earned a technical foul in the third quarter when he initially roughly stopped Randle and then pushed him to the brink.

Colons are thrown this season

Russell Westbrook scored a triple double with 31 points (7/12 double, 3/6 trit, 8/9 penalty), 13 rebounds, 10 assists and 6 errors.

Anthony Davis scored 6 of 15 points and scored 20 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

Carmelo, who was applauded at the Madison Square Garden Arena, scored 3 of 13 shots and Malik Monk scored 5 of 14. Both scored 12 points each.

LeBron, who did not play, scored 22.8 points, 6.1 assists and 5 rebounds this season.

“Knicks”: Evanas Fournier 26 (6/9 trit.), Julius Randle’as 20 (6/12 dvit., 1/5 trit., 5/8 baud., 16 atk. Kam., 5 rez. Perd. , 4 kld.), Immanuelis Quickley 14 (4/8 trit.), RJ Barrettas (3/5 trit., 7 atk. Kam.), Obi Toppinas (6/9 dvit.) Ir Alecas Burksas (3/7 dvit ., 6 atk. Kam.) Po 12.

„Lakers“: Russellas Westbrookas 31 (7/12 dvit., 3/6 trit., 8/9 baud., 13 atk. Kam., 10 rez. Perd., 6 kld., 39 naud.), Anthony Davisas 20 (6/15 dvit., 5/11 baud., 6 atk. Kam.), Avery Bradley 15 (3/8 trit., 9 atk. Kam.), Carmelo Anthony (2/8 trit.) Ir Malikas Monkas ( 4/7 dvit., 1/7 trit., 4 rez. Perd.) Po 12.

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