New York Senator Calls Abinader a Wonderful President

NY Senator praises the Dominican President for the government he is carrying out in favor of the Dominicans

The senator for the state of New York, Chuck Schumer, personally congratulated Dominican President Luis Abinader for the government management that he has been carrying out in the country.

The North American congressman, raising his arm to the President, defined him as a wonderful president, and asked the Dominicans to see him that way.

Schumer, speaking at the event where President Abinader met with elected Dominicans in different positions in the United States, said: “Thank you for inviting me to this reception and to the Dominican President, Luis Abinader for being here. I want to welcome this wonderful president, ”stressed Schumer.

He also praised the Dominican diaspora, indicating that they are the future of New York, for the impact they have in all areas of life in this state and asked them to take advantage of a president like Abinader who wants to help him in his progress, development and well-being. .

For his part, President Luis Abinader told the Dominican diaspora that he wants to do justice to them.

“The only thing that we are going to do with you and that this government is going to do is justice, with people who have been so good. Without your help, it would have been very different ”, assured President Luis Abinader when leading a meeting with the children of Dominicans born in New York.

The head of state thanked the entire diaspora for their contribution in sending remittances so that the Dominican Republic could pass the pandemic on better terms than other countries.

The president also said that the construction sector that has led the recovery of the Dominican economy moves because of them and because of remittances.

“You prefer not to make luxury expenses here and send the money to your mothers to build their houses there. Because you, after working all day and receiving your salary, prefer to send it to a brother who needs some health action, “said the president, referring to the sacrifices that Dominicans abroad make.

He stated that he felt a great desire to visit this city to thank everyone and express the Government’s commitment, now more than ever to the Dominican diaspora.

He assured that with the pending reforms, business investments and projects that will be carried out, a great development will be evidenced in the Dominican territory.

“I can tell you that in a few years we are going to stop being a developing country to be a developed country,” said the president.

He stressed that the State has a plan to build the hospitals that the country needs, and emphasized that the educational revolution will begin now to improve the education of Dominicans.

Abinader said that the $ 10 tax on air tickets for Dominican tourists is counterproductive, because the government’s desire is for tourists to visit the country, enjoying the different beaches and hotels and therefore it would translate into more tax collections.

“I am working every day to enlarge our country, to bring transparency in the government and so that every penny we collect in taxes is invested in what the Dominicans need,” the head of state guaranteed.

Increase in monetary reserves

President Abinader reported that the income obtained in foreign currency upon reaching the government was 5.5 billion dollars, and today the country has reserves of 13 billion dollars, giving financial strength to the Dominican Republic.

He also added that the Dominican nation is one of the few countries that has not had a devaluation of its currency during the pandemic, but rather a better international monetary appreciation.

“We thank you for a great part of this,” he said.

He urged everyone to work together to achieve the objectives of the Dominican Government because they have an administration that listens, and that if it makes a mistake it recognizes it and that it will advance for the good of the country and of all Dominicans wherever they are.

Highlight the values ​​of the Dominicans

The head of state highlighted the values ​​of the Dominicans who are going to live abroad to lead a better life for their families who remain in the country.

“The values ​​of the Dominicans in the USA are work, family, honesty and the better you behave here, then you are going to say and evaluate the Dominican Republic and the greatness of our country,” he said.

The ruler recalled the solidarity that characterizes the Dominican people, while recounting as an anecdote, that a few years ago, in the country the dish of the day was shared with the neighbor who did not have lunch.

The event was attended by Dominican Congressman Adriano Espaillat, as well as other leaders of the diaspora.

President Abinader was accompanied by the first lady Raquel Arbaje, the administrative minister of the presidency, José Ignacio Paliza.

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